TM logoFellow Toastmasters!  Thanks for coming to my old site.  *Sigh*  I’ve missed you.  We had a lot of fun here didn’t we?  Well, the journey continues folks!  Let me tell you About my new website!

Toastmasters was one of the great tools I was able to use in transforming my life.  Leaving the world of exotic dancing after 15 years was the biggest challenge of my life.  My confidence in the real world was SHOT.  But the things I learned and the people I met through Toastmasters continues to enhance my life to this day!

Paula Howley is a place where I want to explore some of the deep human questions that many of us talk about in our speeches.  Fear, hope, the masks we wear and the risks we take in stripping them off.  Come and join the conversation won’t you?  I know you folks are good at talking.  🙂  Hope to see you there!

Paula confidence



In the beginning…

It was almost 2 years ago that I decided to put everything I had into pursuing one lofty goal – winning the 2013 World Championship of Public Speaking. Most of this blog follows that year-long journey, the fun I had, the frustration I experienced, the people I met and the things I learned along the way.

I also discovered that my motives for wanting to win the World Championship weren’t about winning the World Championship at all.

That year, through working with life coach Micaela Pennell, I discovered that my motives for wanting to win were thus:

1. I wanted to feel worthy, amazing, proud of myself and satisfied with myself.
2. I wanted to know that people are proud of and happy for me and would admire me.
3. I wanted to leave a mark with my life and then get on with real life.
4. I wanted to know that I was capable of the discipline necessary to achieve something truly difficult and to know that I was good at something of worth.
5. I wanted others to believe I was a good speaker, someone notable and worth listening to. Someone who walked the talk.
6. I wanted to know that if I set goals for myself I could achieve them and that I could become more evolved through a learning process.
7. I wanted to show myself that things I thought were out of reach were not necessarily out of reach if I learned HOW to reach for them.
8. I wanted to further expand my relationship with God.
9. I wanted to prove that I could entertain people and impart messages of value while doing so.
10. I wanted to further develop my writing, thinking, comunication, disciplinary and interpersonal skills.
11. I wanted to know that I could do the hard stuff.
12. I wanted to prove that my voice matters.

My journey for the trophy came to a rude halt half way through the competition rounds when I came in second to the man who is representing our Toastmasters District in Kuala Lampur this year. At least I lost to the best.

But afterwards, even though I was very disappointed, I realized that I had met most of my criteria along the way.  The goal was not the goal. It was simply a focal point I used as I worked to become who I am supposed to be.

If I had gone on to the World Championships in Cincinnati last year, Head Start Public Speaking For Kids would not exist. Therefore, Cincinnati was not where I was supposed to be.

Headstart logo final
So after all that, as I pondered the question “What now?” the idea for Head Start began pushing its way into my consciousness, demanding to manifest right here on the Sunshine Coast. Shannon Woode, one of my Youth Leadership Program student’s moms from last year kept pushing for it until I thought “Ok. Ok. What the hell. Can’t hurt to try.”
What? Can’t hurt to try? Well, SURE it can hurt, genius! It can hurt when you decide to give a small business a shot, and put a whole bunch of money and time and hope into building it and promoting it and it fails. It can hurt a whole LOT.

But you know what hurts more? Not knowing. Not trying. Regrets. I really hate regrets. That was a lesson I got from giving the big trophy a shot. There’s nothing like having no regrets.

So, with my husband’s support I went for it.

And because I know the value of public speaking for people and for young people in particular, and because I know how much fun the kids end up having and because I know how excited the parents get when they see the differences in their kids, I expected the public to come out in DROVES.

World Champion of Public Speaking

Yes! The glass is half full!

Isn’t optimism adorable? You could just squeeze its little cheeks. It has all these plans! Expects the best! So wretchedly cute.

Yes, I was expecting to have 4 full classes of 15 students each that year – I had purchased for it, I had planned for it, I was fully prepared for it. Or so I thought.

Well, the public did NOT come out in droves, they leaked out in barely noticeable dribbles. I didn’t have 4 classes of 15, I had ONE class of EIGHT. Now THERE’s a fun lesson in humility eh? If I was lucky, I might break even.

I was disappointed and more than a little embarrassed at my unmatched enthusiasm.

But! Who’s to say I was unmatched? I was indeed matched. I was matched with the enthusiasm of eight really cool and interesting kids from ages 8 to 14. They were ready to go. I quickly ditched my disappointment and embraced the opportunity to pass on what I have learned in a very relaxed environment.


As a result, these kids got the full meal deal. I gave them what I thought Toastmasters should have given me and missed out on. I showed them great speeches by great speakers and helped them see what made them great. I asked for and got permission to use teaching tools from World Champions and the kids ATE. IT. UP. I opened opportunities to meet and see the champs. I made them re-do their speeches- as many as 5 times! Some days we just ate chips and laughed a lot. Sometimes the parents would come and pick them up with comically raised eyebrows to absolute raucous noise, wondering how on earth this chaos could possibly relate to public speaking.

“What are you guys DOING in there?” we heard more than once.

Every week they had a chance to be silly, clever, pompous, show-offy, unsure, cocksure, ridiculous, daring; every week a time to experiment with SELF EXPRESSION. And of course, the Skittles Battles – the weekly prize for impromptu speaking became highly coveted even though EVERY week, the winner shared the spoils with everyone.

And I began to see that this one small class was exactly what needed to happen in this first year of existence. It was a learning curve for me too. I have this tendency to say YES!!! YES!!! YES!! far more often than I should, taking on responsibilities that I have no business taking on and then getting mad because I have too much to do. I see that occasionally God has mercy on my fool self, stops laughing at me for a while and smacks me over the head with a spiritual frying pan, thus enabling me to briefly see things as they really are.

That’s when 3 more kids joined the class for the last 2 months and it was a beautiful shake up and wake up. We tried a new format, had some new energy – new eyes to see things through.

More than I bargained for

And something else really cool happened. As the kids gave more and more speeches they got to know themselves and each other better. As my friend Shelley said “Most kid conversation is about farts and that’s about as deep as it gets.”
But these kids were talking about themselves and who they were. What was important to them. They were opening themselves up to each other, displaying courage in their vulnerability. Developing deeper friendships with each other.
I found myself falling in love with these kids, each of them so different, so funny, so heartbreakingly brave and beautiful. They were working HARD. Some of them were drafting speeches 7 and 8 times. Most Toastmasters I know don’t do that. I was so proud of their efforts and was so pleased that so many of them saw and appreciated public speaking as an art form.

Last week we had our year end presentation night. I didn’t even MC this time- I had the kids do it. I sat back and watched- taped the whole thing, feeling like a mama bird delighting in the babies’ flight. Trying to hold back tears of pride that threatened to burst into sobs.

head start public speaking for kids

Head Start Public Speaking For Kids Class of 2014!

I know that this coming year I’ll be ready for what I THOUGHT I’d be ready for this past year. I know what worked well and what didn’t. I feel way more confident going in. I feel like I got this. I already have enough kids signed up for 2 full classes in 2 different towns. Everything happens for a reason, right?

This week we had a party – just our own private year-end potluck to get together one last time and celebrate the immense accomplishments of this year. All the parents and kids came. I didn’t really get it at first, but the party, they said, was in my honour. In my honour? I thought we were just having a party.

head start public speaking for kids

Some of the Head Start kids chowing down

head start public speaking for kids

Some of the gifts from my amazing kids and their parents










They laded me with beautiful gifts, this community of artists, homemade cards, poetic verse, holy words, pies baked with fruit picked from the back garden, hugs that were long and real and full, so full of love.

One at a time, at different times during the party, they came to me, parents and kids, and they filled my mind and heart with words of love and gratitude.

One my kids who is moving and not coming back next fall and is one of my most gifted kids, hugged me with true sentiment from his often-goofy heart- a gift of love that touched me more deeply than I could have imagined.

“I’m really gonna miss you.” he said.

“Oh man, I’m really gonna miss you too.”  It hurts me to think about this hilarious, strange, and  lovely boy not being in my life anymore.

Geez, I never really expected any of this to happen.

A couple of months ago, after her daughter Jillian performed a speech at a special 30th Anniversary Toastmasters meeting of my club, Shannon Woode gently held my arms and looked me in the eye as she said “You have done an amazing thing. My daughter loves your class and it has done so much for her. I hold you in such high esteem Paula.”

What? Come again? Did you really say that to me? Did a human being on this planet actually say those words to ME? It seems utterly mind-boggling considering………….everything.

But they are precisely the words that my soul has longed for my entire life.

I know in the deepest part of my heart that that never would have happened if I’d won the World Championship. Like I do with so many of the Champs, I admire what they have done as speakers and some of them even as human beings. But that kind of deep connection and gratitude only comes from the giving of one’s self. God I’m glad I had the chance to fail big so I could really understand and live that.

The goal is not the goal. The goal is the focal point to help you become who you are supposed to be.

I look at the motives I had for winning the World Championships of Public Speaking in 2013 and see that I have now fulfilled every single one of them working with these amazing kids and their parents. Every. Single. One.

What these people have given me: their time, their trust, their love, this experience, and hey, let’s face it, their money too, has been priceless to me. Could winning the World Championship possibly compare to the way I feel right now?

I feel like a crazy raging success. I feel like a SuperStar. I feel like I’m on top of Mount Everest waving a giant flag. I feel like I have done something way more important and meaningful than winning the World Championship of Public Speaking. I feel like I have left a mark that will last. I feel respected. I feel loved. I feel like my voice truly matters.

I feel ALIVE!

head start public speaking for kids

Better than a million trophies

Who am I?  QUICK!!!!!!

Who am I? QUICK!!!!!!

I had what I think is a very good humorous speech put together for this fall’s contest season.  It was one of the drafts I wrote and discarded last spring while being coached by Rich Hopkins.  I loved the speech;  just didn’t think it had enough BITE for the International Speech contest, but I relished the thought of using it as a humorous speech with a message.  ( I may be re-thinking that now after hearing Vasilev’s “Changed By A Tire” speech.

In August, I sent the speech to Lance Miller, 2005 World Champ of Public Speaking for a critique and he gave me some ideas I loved and some I didn’t like at all.  He also showed me how to build a scene better – a skill I’m VERY grateful for and look forward to producing  again.  It will help me in ALL my writing.

After working on it for several weeks, I sent it to my friend and mentor, Jamie MacDonald who is an editing genius.  He pared it down so much  it actually lost some of it’s muscle so I fleshed it out to Paula Howley standards (or my bare minimum anyway) until I was happy with it – so long as I could stay under time.   I was really hoping to give it at the District finals in November.   I thought I had a better shot than previously because our Division H  is half the size it was last year, therefore, I only had half the competitors at that level which would have made  making District distinctly easier.

So I had the speech and I did some Avery Drilling in parks and on the ferry , but not as much as last go-around.  (Avery drilling, named after 2012 World Champ of public speaking Ryan Avery, is when you practice your speech  in public places to raise your discomfort level and to learn to deal with distractions.  I only Miller drilled once though.  (Miller drilling, named after 2005 World Champ Lance Miller) is when you…say…each…. word….of…..your….speech…. with a very brief pause between each word and with NO emotional inflection.  This helps drill the speech into your memory.

I also didn’t record and watch myself many times either.  The truth is, I didn’t feel the urgency with this speech that I have with the last 3.  And it was relieving to not have that feeling.

Now, further setting the scene, I have been struggling with my faith for some time now, I’d say well over a year, and this summer was particularly bad.  This summer found me questioning everything and all the existential torture THAT brings.   As a result, I was craving the drink like I hadn’t in 10 years.  I went so far as to open a bottle of rum and deeply inhale the aroma.  “You could probably have a glass of wine” – thoughts like that spun around my head.  Thin ice I tell you.

This being British Columbia, I smelled a lot of pot around me this summer too and there was a day on our family camping trip where I said to myself “If someone at this camp ground offers to smoke a joint with me today, I will do it.”  I just wanted to feel nothing for a while…just wanted to float away on a cloud of ‘everything’s ok’.   I found myself wondering if I needed medication and if I should just go ahead and self-medicate with marijuana.   Thankfully, that never happened or I would have been swimming in guilt on top of existential angst. Oh, what the mind will do to convince the body of what it wants!!!  It was a hard and lonely summer.

Simultaneously, and stupidly, I have not been regularly active in my prayer life for  a very long time.  Since early spring I’d say.  Some sporadic prayer here and there, mostly for others, but the well has been dry, my mind has felt tortured and I have limped along with anguish and hopelessness in my heart.  I felt like I completely lost myself or maybe never even  had myself to begin with.

I was in one of those places that are hard to get out of- the whole ‘why do I exist?’  ‘Who am I?’ place, and I had a hard time talking to anyone about it.  Thank God for one friend to whom I spilled my guts in late August.  What a relief it was just to speak this crap out loud to her and not fear judgement.

With all this going on, I booked  myself an autumn Opus Dei silent retreat soon after the gut-spill.  I had the money  then and I knew I needed  it.  I hadn’t been on retreat in two years.  Instead of retreats, I’ve gone to Toastmasters conferences because they always run at the same  time.  They cost about the same amount of money too and only going to one was a financially viable choice.   My priorities had shifted from growth to glory so it was contests all the way.

It’s becoming pretty obvious to me that it was after my first big win in November 2011, 3rd place at District finals, where my ambition started eating more time than my faith.  I’ve always known that I need to sacrifice more to be more successful as a mother and a human being in general.  It seemed to be hard enough for me to do it even BEFORE  the visions of glory in my head  helped me put the important stuff to the side.  After my ego took precedence, there wasn’t a shot in hell.

I read my journals from the past 2 years this week and I can literally SEE my spiritual decline.  The private writing of my journals became less frequent, my time and energy was all about winning public speaking contests.  I’m not even sure it was to be the best speaker I could be- if it were, the aspiration of being a great speaker was likely just a by-product of wanting the big prize.  It was so obvious it would be funny if it weren’t so damned pathetic.

Anyway, I’m on a ferry right now on my way to the retreat.  Yes, there is a twinge of regret that I won’t be competing tomorrow but I know I am doing the right thing for my soul and my family and I have complete peace about it.

It is HARD WORK for an ambitious woman to set aside ego.  In fact, it’s bloody exhausting.  But I’ve discovered in the past two years that it’s even more exhausting to short change my family and myself.

I’ve still had a lot of growth in the past 2 years.  God uses even my ambition and selfishness for the greater good because….well, that’s just the way it is.  It will be interesting to re-discover who I am and who I am going to be.  I know I will be blessed with clarity through this choice.

The World Champion of Public Speaking 2013 is Presiyan Vasilev of Bulgaria and he was truly masterful.   I actually got goosebumps from his message.

(“To learn more about Pres Vasilev’s keynotes, training, and coaching, visit”)

I watched 2 of the semi-finals yesterday and what a joy it was seeing so many great speakers.  So much talent and wisdom.  I was also somewhat surprised that everyone wasn’t amazing.

I judged alongside the judges and in semi-final 4 I was totally of the mark about the winners but in semi 5 I nailed number 1 and 2.   It just goes to show that you never know and what might be great to me might be crap to you.  lol

So today I had some Toastmasters friends over and we watched the World Championship finals together.  It was so much fun being together and sitting there dissecting everyone’s speeches apart like we were experts.  lol  Also, as a bonus, one of the people signed up as a new member!  woo-hoo!

Presiyan was the clear winner.  But I loved Kingi Biddle in second place too.  What a character!  Must have been a rugby player at some point.   I also thought the hometown Cincy boy Chris Nactrab should have nailed third though.

I also thought contest chair Mohammed Murad was charming, highly entertaining and kind of adorable.  More of him please.

Also, I have to say I am shocked that Las Vegas is getting another World Championship in 2015.  Seems kind of incredibly stupid to me.  They just had one there 2 years ago.  Aren’t there a zillion other places that can do this? And want this?  Like Vancouver for instance?

I mean, personally, I don’t mind.  It will be seriously less expensive for me to go to Las Vegas than England or China or wherever else they could have had it but I thought TM was supposed to be going global here and they come back to a town they were JUST AT????  Makes no sense to me.


So, I guess this is it folks.  This is where we part ways.  Sniff.

Thanks for hanging out with me for 365 days.  You have been awesome.

Writing this blog has been such an incredible journey.  a life-changing journey.  I really can’t put into words what has changed because of this- you’ll have to read the whole damned thing and see for yourself.  I’m a very different woman than I was on August 24 2012.  And I have to say I like me way better now.  I’m ever so grateful for the lessons which have been imparted to me through so many different avenues.  My world is so very very different.

I have met so many new friends because of this blog, friends from Texas, Australia, New York, Ontario and California.  Even people just from Vancouver.

I’ve changed the way I thought and lived and worked because of the extraordinary people I have met through the ambitious goals of this blog.  I have seen miracles and I have been the recipient of much wisdom and love.  I have been abundantly blessed.

So, have you learned anything?

Yes, the relevant question is – what have I learned?

Well, I have learned how very attractive humility is and how I much I benefit from about 50 CC’s a day of it.

I have learned that you can reach out to people you thought might never give you the time of day and turn out to become friends with them.

I have learned that jealously has no place in friendship.  Except for maybe admitting it.

I’ve learned that everyone has a story worth listening to.

I have learned that I’m not as good as I thought I was and I have learned that I am better than I thought I was.  lol

I have learned that I have unlimited potential and I am just beginning to tap that mine.

I have learned how much my family supports me.

I have learned how hard I can work on a project I care about.

I have learned how to listen better.

I have learned how to write better.

I have learned how many people in my District support me.

I have learned how to say “I love you” to someone even when I’m scared to do it.

I have learned that my daddy really loves me and is proud of me.  That was probably the best thing of all.  That was the diamond in this mine.

I have learned that I still have a lot to learn.

Malaysia 2014?

I’m not sayin’ I’m goin’ for Malaysia in 2014.  I’m not sayin’ I’m not.  Whatever happens happens and all I can do is listen to my heart, listen to God and do my best.  The rest is out of my hands.   That’s something else I learned too.

I was holding on for a long time, and very tightly to something I thought I wanted.  But when I asked myself what my desires truly were, I saw that most of them HAD been met through this journey, even though the original goal of becoming the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking had not been met or even come reasonably close to being met.

When I opened my hand to let go of that dream, God put something entirely different in my hand.  Something that is exciting and scary and satisfying intellectually, socially, and in the deepest part of my heart.

As I watched Presiyan speaking today, I felt not a tinge of jealousy or sadness. I just felt joy that he had crafted such an incredible work of art.  I was so happy and so proud of my fellow Toastmaster whom I’ve never met.  I felt so grateful to have been given the gift of his message.  Reach out.  Ironically, I’ve never reached out as much in my life as I have in this past year and so I can attest to the beautiful validity of his message. 

The Weird and Wonderful World of Toastmasters

What a remarkable group we are, Toastmasters.  I think we’re all a little bit strange and kind of on the fringe and I LOVE that about us.  I love that we’re all so different and that all we have in common is that we want to be better and help each other be better and that we love hanging out with each other.  And I love our awesome potlucks.

I love that no matter where you go in the world, you can find a family in Toastmasters, no brag, just fact.  I love that you can go as a guest to any club and you will be embraced and feel like you’ve met a long lost cousin.

I love that my life has been utterly and completely changed for the better by this organization and the people in it.  I love that I had NO idea that would happen when I joined.

I love that there is SO much more joyful work to do and so many more people yet to discover who they can become.

Thanks are not enough.

And so, my deepest gratitude goes to good ol’ Ralph Smedley who started this shindig 89 years ago.  He must have had an inkling of the magnificence to follow.

And my deepest gratitude goes to my fellow Toastmasters, my brothers and sisters around the corner and around the world who dare to reach inside and bravely give so much of themselves – their very hearts- to help their fellow humans be the best they can.  What a truly remarkable gift.

What a remarkable group we are.  Toastmasters.

I love you all.

Toastmasters International

Weird and brilliant and beautiful. What more could you ask for?

I’m feeling a little emotional about this blog lately. My domain name expires in 11 days and I wonder if I should bother renewing it. I have loved writing in this blog, I have loved sharing the adventure of the past year in speaking and competing and all else that it has entailed. I have gained a lot from the interaction and feedback of friends and strangers and in the exploration and writing itself.

Regularly writing reminded me of how much I had missed and loved writing in the past- how freeing it was! Alas! lol! I haven’t had much time for poor “Year In The Life” at all. In fact it’s been 18 days since my last post. But it was, after all, only a YEAR in the life and that year is nearly over. It seems apropos to put it to rest on that final day.

I’ll have a blog at Head Start Public Speaking For Kids when the site is ready but it will be primarily an informative blog- helping kids learn the ropes about public speaking. It won’t be the wonderful pouring-out-of-the-soul that much of the past year has been.

I’ll also be writing articles for 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking Ryan Avery’s site an amazing and exciting opportunity, but again, not the nourishing kind of writing that heals me. (Funny, isn’t it? I began this 365 day journey partly because of the inspiration of Ryan Avery and his win – and a year later I’m working with him.)

Getting Head Start Public Speaking For Kids together has taken all of my spare time . It has been the busiest summer of my life. And every penny I have earned this summer has gone into this, rather than paying down our debt as was our initial plan.
But plans change and opportunity doesn’t just always knock, sometimes it kicks down your door and says “Hey! Where’s the party?” and you really can’t ignore that kind of an entrance. It’s right up my alley.
Although I am exhausted from sitting on my behind in front of this computer all summer and although I know WAY more about WordPress than I ever wanted to know and although the launch date is getting closer and there’s just a little bit of fear creeping in, I am almost as excited as I was just before Meaghan was born.
Like that time, a whole new world is about to begin no matter WHAT happens and my life is going to CHANGE big time. And not just mine, but Lloyd and Meaghan’s too. A little bit of fear? Maybe a little more than a little.

Maybe a couple of times I’ve woken up sweating in the middle of the night thinking “Oh my God, what if nobody signs up????????”
But I’m advertising, and talking it up and I’m putting the energy out there and expecting good things to happen. I haven’t been prayin’ much and that’s something I do need to do.
The bottom line is I have something very very good and enhancing and life-changing to offer and I’m offering it at a fair and reasonable price and I am willing to give away pieces of my heart and soul to these children to make sure they find their voices so they can change THEIR worlds. And ours too.
So maybe I’ll write about the new adventure. It merits documentation, I think!  Why the heck not? A Year In the Life of a Public Speaking Teacher.
It’s 10 days till the big dance in Cincinnatti and I ain’t got no shoes because I’m giving kids a Head Start instead.
You know, I had this fantasy about the shoes I was going to wear on the big stage in Cincinnatti.

ever the shoe girl

ever the shoe girl

They were going to be ruby slippers- high heeled of course- anyone who knows me knows I gotta have my heels.  I found a pair on the internet.  I was going to buy them if I made Cincy.  I even put a picture of the shoes in the collage I created – the Cinncinatti Championship Collage.

the Mona Lisa of my bedroom

this is still above my bed

But the yellow brick road deliberately stopped short of the Emerald Cincinnatti City with a sign that says:
You Alone Are Enough. You Have Nothing To Prove To Anybody.

And it’s true.

If I was going to Cincinnatti, Head Start would not be happening. And I feel completely at peace about the outcome.  It feels right.  I am happy.
But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to dance in Malaysia in 2014.   Because you know, I’d really LOOOOVE to wear those shoes.

Lance Miller and I at TLI- getting some of that Champ vibe

Lance Miller and I at TLI- getting some of that Champ vibe

I sent some speech feedback to our Toastmasters District Champion last night. A few weeks ago, we had a big Officer Training session where Lance Miller (2005 World Champion) was our special guest (it was inspiringly awesome!) and our Champ gave his District winning speech and the speech he hopes to take to the finals.

I video’ed his speeches and sent him the links to them as I know how much it helps to see oneself. I felt a faint stir in my bones, one I recognized as the wish that I was the one working on my speeches for Cincinnatti.

To be honest, I thought my speech, “I Love You” was as good as his (though my presentation needed a lot of work) and I would have loved to be on the District stage with him. I would have loved the challenge of putting together a second speech as well. But alas! I may just have a life-changing career instead!!!!!! I look forward to watching him via the internet at the finals. He has worked very hard to get here.

I have been tooling around with my humorous speech- one that was written by accident when I was working with Rich Hopkins. I wasn’t going to compete but come ON! Who am I KIDDING?????? It’s written already so what the hell. My membership to World Champion’s Edge runs out in one month so I am going to fire it off to them for a $50 evaluation from a Champ. I think I’m going to let my membership lapse after that. I think it was a good investment for the year however.

Spent last week camping with my family so I worked on NOTHING all week. In fact I read 2 full novels and 3 National Geographics. it was awesome. But we’re back to the grindstone this week. Lots of work to do. I still have to register Head Start as a business, finish curriculum, website, get business cards made, a banner, supplies, talk about advertising etc. SO! Even though a part of me wished I was working on my World Championship speech last night, I was thoroughly satisfied that I am stepping into my future in the right place and time. I am happy.

I’m really doing it.  I bought the domain name yesterday and hired Joe Griffith and Patty K to help me put together my new website.  Head Start Public Speaking For Kids is going to happen!

I have 35 weeks of curriculum headings ready, now to flesh out the lessons.

Unreal how things in life can change so quickly.