I spent about 2 hours working on my Humorous Speech last night.  I’ve had it written for a couple of weeks, which was a huge relief in itself (coming up with the speech idea has always been the hardest part for me) but I tucked it away while I went camping with Meaghan.  I promised her “no working” while we were there. 

I almost hate to say this but the speech is hilarious.  At least it is to me.  lol!  I read it out loud, video recorded myself and watched it back for the first time and I totally cracked myself up.  Is there anything sadder than someone who laughs at their own jokes????? 

But the problem now is, it’s 8 and a half minutes long and it needs to be 7.  So now it’s time to start plucking this chicken.  It still needs enough feathers to fly but not so many that it looks like a peacock. 

Editing is a cruel and necessary thing for a speech writer.  If I didn’t have any time constraints, I’d leave the speech almost as is but I DO and there is nothing worse than going over time with a good speech.  Just ask Jay Kiew who gave a funny and moving speech at the District 21 2012 Convention entitled “Take The Trip”  but sadly went over time.  He was understandably devastated. 

So we have to make sure that we give ourselves enough wiggle room – time for the audience’s laughter, a possible gaffe that you have to cover up and a myriad of other things that could go wrong. 

I’ve managed to eliminate 2 entire paragraphs which was painful because there were 2 laughs in those paragraphs but they were extraneous.  Still need to keep plucking away.  Ouch. 

On a related note, I’ve been seriously considering joining World Champions Edge which is ongoing influence from 6 World Champions of Public Speaking.  It includes feedback on your speeches, weekly lessons, and a monthly conference call.  I’m wondering just how much money can be considered investment in the future and when one crosses the line to fiscally irresponsibility.  We are not wealthy people, in fact I wonder if we could even be considered middle class, and I have spent a LOT of money on becoming a better speaker this year.  (We are also trying to finagle buying our first teeny-tiny home right now.)  Lloyd says “No pressure honey.  But you’d better make us rich.”  (He is of course, only kidding.  Sorta.)

My husband is a landscaper who also works at BC Ferries full time.  From April to October he plugs away at 2 jobs and spends November and December recovering.  He hurt his knee last year and it’s just one of those things that happen when you get older, but it made us realize that we’d better get something else on the go for the future.  He’s a strong man but I’m not sure how much longer his poor body will hold out. 

I could work outside the home (and I do some cleaning in the summer and mow a ton of lawns as well) but we have decided to home school our daughter and that in itself is a full time job that we consider worth the investment.  Lloyd and I both screwed up royally when it came to our educations and we have no intention of letting Meaghan walk down THAT idiotic path. 

And so, like Lloyd said.  No pressure.  Yeah right.  Only from myself.  Ouch.