Well, I did it.  I joined the World Champions Edge group.  {( Sorry honey!!!   Just think of it as another investment.  Unlike the expensive motorcycle you had to get fixed this summer.)  That ought to hold him for a while.}

Holy holy holy cow.    Part of me is saying “What in bob’s name are you thinking?????  Don’t you have enough stuff to do/read/listen to already????”

Apparently not.

For a buck a day, I think it’s worth it.  For the next year anyway.  Darren LaCroix’s evaluation (for a little extra of course) is worth it alone.  Unfortunately I am not allowed to divulge anything I have learned from the Edge or they can legally torture and kill me.  Name, rank and serial number.  That’s all you’ll get from me!

AND……. our awesome club VP Ed Kundi James has made Sunshine Toastmasters a Facebook page!  We should have done this YEARS ago.  But there you have it.


We’re also taking half of the paltry amount of money we have left and are putting an ad in the paper in hopes that people will catch wind of our tremendous awesomeness and join us for Reindeer Games and the like.

Man, I think there’s an evaluation dripping out of my ear.  I’ve packed too much in for the day.  Better call it a night.