Still choppin’ away at that humorous speech.  Threw away another paragraph, (sob sob!)  made sense of some beaureaucratic mumbo jumbo that would have confused everyone, myself included and videoed it 3 more times.

It’s funny, it’s lot quicker to READ a speech than it is to give it and perform it.  Gotta take that into account.  It can mean a difference of 30 seconds or more.

I’m still having fun reading it so that’s a good sign.  When my daughter starts parroting it, we know it’s contest time.

On another note, the new World Champ, Ryan Avery, accepted my friend request on Facebook!  I bet he gets a lot of those these days.

Ryan, IMO, was the clear winner at the World’s.  I loved his speech, Trust is a Must.  I’ll be having our club’s VP PR over for dinner this week to watch it again.  🙂

Ok, I gotta make dinner and then clean someone else’s house.  Outta here.