Cropped screenshot of Judy Garland from the tr...

Cropped screenshot of Judy Garland from the trailer for the film The Wizard of Oz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I LOVE my Toastmasters family.  And I love being the Chair because I love sending silly love notes to encourage my Toastmasters family.

I just sent this one to get them ready for our first FALL meeting:


Hello my beloved Toastmasters!!!!

How was your summer?  Mine’s still going!  Hey, we officially still have a month of summer left and there’s no reason we can’t fit a few more beach visits in.


It is TOASTMASTERS TIME!  Are you excited?  I know I am.  This year is going to be amazing, I can just feel it in my bones.  Or maybe that’s my arthritis kicking in… hmmm.

I will be your CHAIR for our first meeting back on September 5 and our theme is We’re Off To See The Wizard”!   I would like a lovely full slate of amazing speakers to show off to our zillion guests who will show up, begging to be a part of our FABULOUS group.  We may need sticks to beat them all off.  Please bring one. 

So, who would like to show off first?

Please sign up and fill that roster!

We’re not in Kansas anymore…..


Now today, I did NOT work on my speech even a little bit.  Unless you count THINKING about it as work.  Also, I fantasized about working with Darren LaCroix.  If he ever hears about this blog, he’ll think I ‘m a crazy stalker.

English: Darren LaCroix teaching Public Speaki...

English: Darren LaCroix teaching Public Speaking skills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking of LaCroix, I was hoping to have him e-critique my speech through EDGE but he only works LIVE with LIVE people.  It looks like I’ll have to “settle” for another World Champ.  Sigh.  Life’s tough.