Earlier today I tried to upload a video of a speech that I gave at the BC District finals but youtube told me it would take 261 minutes!!!!!!  Is that insane or what?  So I will try another time.

I spent last night in pain and didn’t get much sleep, therefore I existed as a zombie today.  I finally put my daughter Meaghan to bed, read her a chapter of Little House on the Prairie and proceeded to fall asleep in her bed.  I’m wiped and I haven’t got much to tell you about the progress of speeches tonight.  There is none.

I do, however, have some new perspective thanks to a fellow Edger at World Champions Edge.  I may be able to ressurrect the dead.  I’m going to give Speech # 1 another look tomorrow.  One way or another, I’ve got to make a decision.  The contest is in 2 weeks tomorrow AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!!