Alakazam.  Thank you God, for the magic.

I have to tell you I was NOT enjoying the writing process very much at ALL with that last humorous (???  !!!)  speech.  It felt like I had been dragged through the mud and all that mire was drying on me and I could barely move.  Muddy.  The whole thing was muddy.

My husband Lloyd suggested the idea for the speech that I’m working on now.  It seemed positively providential and I was actually giggling as I was writing it last night.  It was not a struggle and my fingers flew across the keyboard.  I was chomping at the bit for Lloyd to get home today so I could read it to him.  It was so. much. fun.   I’m excited about all the little changes I can make along the way to make it better, tighter, funnier.

I have to thank God for my husband who is a Toastmaster by Osmosis.  He is the one who listens to all of my ideas and lets me know honestly if they are any good or not.  He also has some great ideas of his own which I have no problem borrowing.  Lloyd hears about all my meetings when I get home from TM, knows all the drama and fun.  He has had to listen to evaluations of other people’s speeches AND a ton of educational material.  He knows about the structure of the TM leadership and he can probably name at least 5 World Champions of Public Speaking.

All things considered, he should get his DTM before I do.


It’s fun again.  That’s all that matters.  I can’t wait to share it with my Toastmasters family.  Thank you God, for the magic.