Meg was feeling pretty nasty today with a bad cold so she missed her first singing lesson and I’m missing the first parents’ home school meeting.

Disappointing yes, but the silver lining is we did geography puzzles today and cuddled.  While she watched movies later, I got to work on “The Speech”.  Lloyd commented today ‘You’re having fun with this one, aren’t you?”  and it’s true that I am.

It has turned from wanting to win to wanting to put together the most amazing speech I can for this contest.  I can’t wait to share it.

I’ve had a foundational phrase from the get-go with this one….incredible how much easier it is to build on a solid foundation rather than some wallpaper.  I also found my “Paula-ism” last night and how exciting was that???????   Pretty damned exciting.  If you want to know what a Paula-ism is, Darren LaCroix can tell you in his newsletter this week.  He’s the one who gave me the idea.

I still need to put together a strong ending because what I have right now is kind of limp.  It trust it will come since it’s all God anyway.   I would really like to give this speech at the District finals in the fall.  That is the desire of my heart.



Also, I got a crazy phone call today with an opportunity to help put together something amazing which would benefit many, including myself.  All it will take is the remainder of my free time.

I am SO proud of myself for not saying YES right away as I almost always do!  My daughter’s education comes first and I have to make sure I don’t overextend myself because this family will suffer.   It was ever so tempting to jump right on that bus though………