Sometimes I can’t believe I’m the person living my life.  It’s very strange to look at it all and think “That all happened to me; how very bizarre.”

I am not a believer in coincidence.  In fact, I’m a believer in God.  I’m not a pushy “you have to believe what I believe or I won’t be your friend” type of believer and I’m not the “so-silent-on-the-issue-you’d-never-know-I-believe” type of believer.

I am a rather loud, sometimes annoying but always sincere outspoken redhead who has a bad habit of speaking before she thinks (which is why writing is so very very good for me and why Toastmasters has also been beneficial).

I believe things happen for a reason.  I believe in Divine Providence.  I haven’t always.   But too many unexplainable, absolutely unbelievable things have happened to me for me to dismiss the Divine.

So where am I going with this?  I believe I’m going to Cincinnatti my friends.  🙂

I got what I feel is confirmation that I am on the right track.  And I got it from the current World Champion of Public Speaking, Ryan Avery.

  And this is how!:

I have mentioned in the past that I joined the World Champions Edge group.  They have monthly LIVE conference calls which I have discovered I can’t take part in because they are broadcast at 6:00 pm Wednesday nights.  That’s my Toastmasters night.  lol
So last Wednesday they had Ryan the new Champ on and I have been WAITING and WAITING for them to record it and rebroadcast it.  Tonight was finally the night.

I was so excited.  After I’d put Meaghan to bed (for the 3rd time- she is sick tonight, poor girl) I settled in with a cup of tea and my notepad.

Mark Brown, the 1995 World Champ with the velvet voice interviewed Ryan and they had a fun rapport.

Then they came to the questions from members.

And the first question was from PAULA in Madeira Park.  Yep, that’s me.

My question was what kind of preparation did he undergo for the Worlds?   He gave me so many great insights, exciting and fun and really weird sounding things I’m going to TRY and I can’t wait to post them afterwards to tell you all about them!

The thing that confirmed it for me was that he said 8 months before the Worlds, he put a video on youtube and sent it to all his friends saying that he was going for the Worlds.  He said he did this to put positive pressure on himself, so that people would make him be accountable.  That’s the very thing I was doing when I started this blog with 364 days to go before next year’s Worlds. 

Now I have to admit that I felt very apprehensive in doing so.  I was worried that I would be perceived as arrogant or cocky.  There’s a woman in District 21 who kicked my ass in the District finals this year and I know she wants to go to Cincinnatti too.  How would it look, me saying these things?  Is it disrespectful?  And I’m dead sure there are a dozen or so others who also want to go in District 21, B.C.  alone!

So, who the hell am I to say “I’m aiming for the World Championships next year.”

Well, who am I NOT to say it?  Why indeed not?  I’m willing to bust my behind and I’m willing to bust my husband’s behind too!  🙂  (Thanks honey.)  I’m willing to learn, to be a sponge, to be coachable and to LISTEN!  I’m willing and I know I have the support of my family and friends behind me.

But Ryan also said these words:

CRA.     ZY.

So this is it folks.  This is the real deal.  I may look like a fool doing it but I’ve done foolish things for shots of Sambuca in the past.  I  don’t mind looking like a fool in pursuit of the World Championship of Public Speaking.  I’m going to be the biggest fool in the World.   🙂