Eerily quiet last night since my girl was at a sleepover.  Lonely, but got lots of work done.

Tonight I probably gave The Speech 3 more hours.  2005 World Champ Lance Miller

gave some great advice today at World Champions Edge on practising and drilling your speech.  I am getting close to that point now as I am pretty much finished writing it.

One really valuable tip he shared was NOT to start your speech all over when you make a mistake.  Just push past the mistake and keep going and you will better learn how to deal with this WHEN it happens in your real life speeches.  I have ALWAYS started over, wanting to do it perfectly.  But real life doesn’t give you many do-overs so it’s a smart strategy.

Another thing I have had weighing on my mind is that my FIRST story in my speech wasn’t until almost HALF way through the speech.  I know that Darren LaCroix and Craig Valentine (1999 World Champ) would w say that’s WAYYYY too late and I agree.  I just didn’t know how the heck I was going to re-structure it.  I didn’t WANT to restructure it.  It had a flow.

But I put the speech on the computer screen in front of me so I could see the entire thing at once and began to see some possibilities.  Seeing the big picture helps in so many ways.  I moved things around and pretty soon, the flow was better AND I had a strong closing.

I think I might be finished.

I gave the speech for Lloyd tonight and he loved it but said he thinks it needs more funny.

I said “honey, you’ve heard it 20 times already, that’s why you’re not laughing anymore.”

But of course, THAT will weigh on my mind.

I’d like this solidified by Saturday.  I’m doing some more mindless repetitious work on Saturday, perfect for drilling and practising a speech.  God is good.