I gave Friday night and Saturday day and night entirely to my daughter.  Priorities.  And I’ll tell ya, that’s part of my theory of why there aren’t more women World Champs.  I think it was Ed Tate who said that only ELEVEN percent of contestants in TM contests are women.  So of course it stands to reason that men will win more if there are more OF them.  I’m curious.  I wonder what the male/female ratio at TM is.  If it’s close to 50/50 I wonder why more women don’t enter contests.

That 11% stat sits weird with me because our club is dominated by estrogen and has been since I joined.  That’s the weird demographic of our area.  We are a retirement community and though there are plenty of artisans and professionals here, I think a majority of the men are tradesmen or labourers and the simple fact is that they are too tired to come out for a night of speaking at the end of the day.

Anyway, bottom line is women are still doing most of the child care in the west (and I’m ok with that- that’s what I chose) so spare time is not always our own.

Speaking of which,  all of our home school material arrived on Friday afternoon (finally!!!) and you should have seen the size of the freakin’ MATH BOOK .  That math book is 2 and a half inches thick and I’m NOT exaggerating.  And it’s only one of 4 math books.  and it’s bloody GRADE ONE.  So I’ve got a lot of reading to do and the contest is in 4 days and I have not begun to drill The Speech.

I put some more dialogue in it (a Craig Valentine suggestion) and I like it better but the fact is I’ve got to quit messing with it and LEARN the bloody thing.  Tomorrow is the day.