Challenging day.  In many ways.  In many good ways.  Tried to get some schooling done in the morning but we had to leave by 11:00 a.m. for the ferry so all we did was Spelling and Reading.

We got on the ferry and I realized that I needed to drill my speech some more.  I had done it in the car a few times but I knew I needed a dose of Avery Drilling.  Now, the ferry is a peculiar place.  In some ways it’s like a library.  People expect to be left alone there so interrupting folks by regaling them with an unasked-for speech while they’re reading is not very nice so I decided to go to the top deck where folks are a little more laid back.

I got nervous again, so nervous!  I noticed a man in the area who was reading a paper and looked like he was trying to memorize something too so I was reluctant to do it at first but sheesh, you can’t please EVERYONE, can ya?

So I plunged right in and did it.  And it was so empowering.  I tell ya, it seems to add another dimension of memory for me for some reason.  When I finished, the young man who was reading actually came over to me and asked me what I was doing.  I said “I’m practising for a Toastmasters speech competition.”   He told me he thought I was an actress rehearsing.  lol!  Being an actor, he WOULD think that but I took the opportunity to ask him if I could do the speech for him too.  Charlie gave me some helpful feedback- you could tell it was about connecting for him so I met the right person at the right time!  I gave him a card and told him to check out Toastmasters.    🙂

Meg is a trooper.  We got into Van around 2:00 and I had to drag her around downtown, blisters and all, because I had to meet some fellow officers to open a new TM club bank account.  There was a miscommunication though and it didn’t happen.  So we went to the club 2 hours early and while I set up the room for the contest, Meaghan drew the most amazing pictures for everyone and put one on every seat.



It was a fun contest and our President gave a speech that was much better than I think SHE thought it was.  I loved it.

My daughter Meaghan (who has now spoken at 4 different Toastmasters clubs on at least 8 occassions now) was the highlight of the evening for me.  Not only was she VERY well behaved during the contest but she gave a thoughtful and entertaining Table Topics Speech as an encore for the evening.  Have a look.

So I won the contest which was cool.  Since I have chosen to compete for my home club though, our Pres will be taking my place and I think she will do very well.  I also came in second for Table Topics which I found shocking because I find TT to still be the most difficult thing to do.  I get the least practice at it.

We literally BOLTED out the door at 9:00, ran to the car and drove like Mario Andretti’s best friend to the ferry.  The LAST ferry.  We made it on time, with 15 minutes to spare but we were told we MIGHT NOT make it on.  It was very close.  We were the 7th last car on but by golly we made it.  Rolled into the driveway at 12:23 a.m.

All worth it.