Listening tonight to Darren LaCroix on how to craft an amazing speech.  I took advantage of a 50% off sale he had this week to get the last of the stuff I wanted from his catalogue.  This, besides OWN THE STAGE is proving to be incredibly valuable.  Tomorrow I HAVE to spend a couple of hours going through Meg’s curriculum again but later, going over The Speech again and seeing what I can do better.  I’m also going to send the video to a few trusted people who I trust to rip me apart so I CAN get better.

SO EXCITED to implement all this LaCroix gold.

I also have been given a valuable hand up from someone I esteem very much and who has claimed me as a future World Champ.  This person’s statement I find both humbling and rabidly encouraging.

When I stop to think about it, I can feel and see God’s hand around me so much sometimes.  I am in awe of my opportunities…and of people’s faith in me.  I want very much to live up to that.

I’ve also decided that because I have so few opportunites to speak at clubs because of our remote location, Avery Drilling is going to have to be MY stage time.  For now, anyway.  I am going to seek out at least one opportunity every day to Avery Drill, embarrassment be damned.  (I feel most vulnerable and silly here, in my small community for some reason and MUST learn to push past it. (another Averyism.))  Very scary.

I have invited all the moms from our homeschool group to come and watch and support me at the Area contest.  It would be great to see some friendly faces!

English: Darren LaCroix teaching Public Speaki...

English: Darren LaCroix teaching Public Speaking skills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)