I’ve made some significant changes to The Speech, good ones, ones that I think make the speech funnier and more powerful.

Too bad I couldn’t remember what the heck they were tonight!!!!!!!

I’m the president of our club and I knew we were having several guests coming tonight so I wanted to do a great job on my speech.  I knew our Secretary, who is competing with/against me would be great and she was.  She has made notable improvements in the past week too.

(It is so amazing to be able to give a speech over and over because it is the only way it will get better.  This is Toastmasters’ one deficiency, in my opinion.  There is no focus on this.  Normally, you do a speech, get feedback and move on to the next speech.  Now feedback is good, in fact it’s great, because there will be errors one makes generally in ALL speeches, but after a while you GET those general errors and need more refined feedback, more specific and demanding feedback depending on your speech.  The only way to do this in TM now is to go in, AND WIN, contests.)

This was the third time in a week I’ve been able to give this speech to an audience (that was expecting it!  Avery Drills notwithstanding!  btw, I Avery Drilled on the elliptical at the gym today.  Hilarious.  Teenaged boys thought I was mad.).

I totally FROZE.  I forgot my new 3rd last paragraph.  I couldn’t think of a bloody thing to say.  I couldn’t even FAKE it.  I was pretty upset with myself.  I had a good flow going and then I blew it in the end.  After my freeze, I was just going through the motions.

It was like that Russian gymnast in the Olympics this summer.  She was doing beautifully on the balance beam until she had a fall.  Then she just gave it all up.  You could SEE that she had given it all up.  NEVER give it all up.  A fall doesn’t mean the end of it.  Shame on me for doing something that I HATE!  Lesson learned.

The good news is I got great feedback from our group.  We had a round robin evaluation and the general consensus is, my catchphrase needs to be more clear, my ending is weak and I need to generate more excitement.  The latter I can do.  Once I know this puppy.

GREAT meeting.  Time well spent.