Was finally able to sit down and work on The Speech around 8:00 tonight.  I watched my first 3 recordings of it, wrote down where I got the laughs in each, where I needed pauses, where I was flat, what needed changing up.

Thinking about what a fellow Toastmaster said yesterday, that the ending was flat, and I know what he meant by that.  What I want said is AT the end already though, so I thought, what do I do?

I took note that my delivery of the ending was different at the second taping and got a better response.  Instinctively, I think that’s what needs to happen.  The ending needs to be DELIVERED with more punch.  Laughs don’t just come from words, they come from the eyes, a nod of the head, a hand gesture.  So this is what I will work on.

It seems you can work on a speech forever I think, but it’s important to know when to quit.  I’m going to tape myself tomorrow (hopefully I can remember all my new words!)  and send it to several TM’s and get some more feedback.  Then I’d like to spend the week just drilling the new version till I can say it in my sleep.

I can’t recommend this enough.  If you are serious about wanting to get better, tape yourself.  Brutal, but effective.

Must do some serious Avery Drilling this weekend.  Going to be difficult.  I’m MCing an AGM on Saturday, then I have to head to the end of the Coast to join my daughter (already in progress) and the rest of the homeschool group in our beginning of the year ‘get to know you’ day and I am busy most of Sunday too.  No excuses.  I have 8 days.