English: My own work. Created using "Inks...

English: My own work. Created using “Inkscape” software right from the scratch. Intented for counting the words (like edit count) of user contributions in personal pages. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Word count.  Haven’t talked about that much but I remember Darren LaCroix saying when he was working on his World speech, every day he would send his speech to his coach who insisted he whittle the word count down every day.

I have taken a good (but unnecessary ) laugh line out  of The Speech for time.  I’m assuming it would get a laugh because my husband and I think it’s funny but it was a late addition to The Speech.  So we’ll never know.

I whittled some more and today I went from 736 words, to 725 words, to 718 words!  WOW!  An 18 word reduction is a lot.  It can mean NOT going over time which means GAME OVER, no matter HOW good the speech may be.

I need to record it NOW and get some feedback so I can spend this week drilling the speech until my neighbours can repeat it.