I sent my speech out of my immediate circle to 2 dynamic men who have been there, done that and I am waiting for some feedback that they have graciously offered to give me.   The enthusiasm with which these men said yes reminds me of how blessed I am to be in this amazing group called Toastmasters.  Nothing, save my faith and family has changed my life so deeply and joyously.


A little bit scary waiting for the feedback.  I remember how I felt when I sent Darren LaCroix disaster speech # 1.  Can you say ‘anxiety’?


Another person that God has put in my path in the coolest way is Micaela Pennel, Texas Toastmaster.  (There’s an awesome tagline if I ever heard one!)  Texas is a big state, so I’m not exactly sure WHERE in Texas she is, but I know she’s there.


Location of state of XY (see filename) in the ...


When I started this blog I wanted to see if anyone out there was blogging about Toastmasters and I found this post about how much this lady Micaela loved her club and how much it has helped her.  Well, I messaged her and she messaged me back that she was taking a serious shot at the World’s next year too!  What????  Seriously?  What are the odds????


I had recently read about accountability partners and how important they are if you are serious about what you’re doing.   I asked her if she would like to join forces with me as accountability partners, encouragers and general idea-bouncer-offers.   She cleverly accepted (lol) and here we are!


Micaela is a lovely woman, and when I say lovely, I mean it with the entire force of the word.  She is all about love and helping people and she is strange and interesting and very very brave.  I think I am the lucky one.  🙂


Check out Micaela’s project:  400 days to 40.  Her journey of creating an amazing life!   And the cool part is, I get to be a part of it.