I sent my speech to World Champions Edge to have a random World Champ give me an e-critique.  I feel kind of sick to my stomach.  Most of us don’t like to hear negative things about ourselves or our abilities.  I, in particular, can’t stand it.  I may be pretty tough on the outside but I’m raw meat on the inside and I bleed fairly easily and profusely.  It ain’t pretty.

So the fact that I’m setting myself up for another possible knock-down is pretty scary to me.   But to move to the next level, you have to ask the best.

The Speech is written.  I won’t write another.  I will revise if necessary and will take into consideration everything this particular Champ tells me.  The critique won’t be ready for probably 2 weeks but that’s ok.  If I survive this Saturday, it will be worth it.  And it will be worth it if I don’t.