I’d say Jamie MacDonald is a god but he’d hate that and I don’t believe it anyway BUT…………….. he may be a demigod.

Some amazing feedback on The Speech from the author of the work of beauty that is “The Power of Spit”.   This speech went to the World Championships in 2010.  Do yourself a favour a watch it.  Have a Kleenex handy.



We chatted on the phone for about 40 minutes and he gave me some amazing ideas that took 718 words and sliced it down to 626.  Un-freaking-believable.   This is what happens when you go to someone who has been there, done that.  They show you paths you didn’t even know EXISTED.

Now I’m not going to go down ALL of those paths because as he said “We all have our own style and you have to be true to it.”  I am, however, now re-structuring the speech at the 11th hour and will spend the rest of this evening and most of tomorrow drilling the new version into my head.  God help me!

And Meaghan will be be with The Great Babysitter for the next few hours.

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English: TV icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)