Does a true champion soldier on through exhaustion or go to freakin’ bed?   There’s an argument to be made for either side but only one ends with “Meaghan”.

Had to head to the doc for Meg again today so we were late for the home school group and I couldn’t fit my speech in.  She is having a rough time.  She’s not sleeping, I’m not sleeping and we’re both really tired.

I think I’ve answered my own question.  A good night’s sleep can change EVERYTHING.

Today I asked a fellow TM whose opinion I respect very much which speech ending she liked better and she actually went for a walk to think about it.  How many people would do something like that?  I am so blessed in my life.

Also had an excellent Skype session last night with my Texas Toastmaster Micaela.  It’s so beneficial to have this connection and so very unlikely.  It’s remarkable how much we have in common and how God is working here.   To know and work with someone from so far away who is working towards the same goal is another blessing.

You know what be crazy cool?  If we both made it to Cincinnatti.  The Finals.  🙂  Coupla crazy redheaded chicks.  The stage might even implode!    BOOM!