October 19 11:27 pm

Despite the fact that I like to think I’m a pretty good communicator, I can’t even come close to describing the level of exhaustion I am experiencing now. I am praying for a good night’s sleep which I think I will get because I’m staying at my spiritual director’s house overnight tonight and this house is full of peace, love and wisdom. And it’s full of one of my faroutie people in the world. Beatrice (not her real name) is an extraordinary woman whom I have had the very good fortune of knowing for almost 5 years now. WE try and talk on the phone every 2 weeks and her chosen and accepted role is to help guide me into making decisions in my life that reflects God’s light.

If she were awake right now she would tell me to pack it in and go to sleep and I shall very soon. My Friday night meeting got cancelled but I decided to come into the city anyway even though I didn’t really need to anymore.

Today I picked up the whiteboard.

I picked up 2 sheets of 8 foot by 4 foot whiteboard. They will be mounted on my bedroom wall and that is where the BIG PICTURE construction of my International speech will go. I”ve spent a fair amount of money and a great deal of time this year taking my speaking to the next level.  I realized that the investment had to happen or I wouldn’t get better at a rate that I desired.   Starting with Darren LaCroix’s products at the Spring Conference….I spent the summer listening to them and soaking in his expertise and knowledge. Darren and Craig Valentine both. I joined World Champions Edge, made sure I watched and purchased the World Championships on dvd, got the dvd of the last 20 years of the Champs (although I truly covet the 1,2,3 World’s- the top 3 speakers from the past 20 years. That way you can see what separated the best from the rest but I’m not sure I can justify the $300 cost now that we have a brand new mortgage to pay. HEY LLOYD! Can you say Christmas present?????)

Anway, my point is I have gone out of my way to invest in our future, in my future as a speaker but today, buying that whiteboard….it felt so symbolic to me. It really is a solid manifestation of my dream. I had to have it cut into thirds so it would fit in my Honda Civic!!!!

Tonight I drove ALLLLLLL the way out to Surrey and it took me 2 hours to do it! Holy cow, where the heck IS that place anyway? I decided to go and see the Division F finals even though Div B was much closer. I wanted to see some speakers that I had never seen before and am I ever glad I did because GUESS…just GUESS who was there? That’s right ! THE MAN. Jamie Mac was there and I got to hang out with him all night. It was AWESOME. He did something that I, as a speaker, really appreciated. He got the crowd going before the Humorous speech so that everyone was pumped up and ready to give all the speakers a lift. I wish all the contests would do that! He gave me a few more insights on my speech which I appreciated and soaked up like a sponge… and his midcontest presentation was hilarious.

The speakers were SO funny. It was a totally enjoyable contest. I’m very glad I went. Got to meet a whole bunch of people too. It was worth the hour and a half traffic jam drive back. So here I am, totally wiped, ready for bed and ready to go tomorrow. I brought my favourite reading from “In Conversation With God” my (supposed to be) daily meditation: It reminds me of the importance of not being blinded by ambition, of not letting life become a frantic pursuit of greater goals. To remember that everything good, our talents and our virtues all come from God. It is a reminder of how to be humble- something that I struggle with so much,  I made my 10th CC speech about it. To goal tomorrow is to have FUN and tell my friends a little something that may help them be better than what they are right NOW. And to make them laugh while doing it. God knows the message I’m delivering has helped me already.