Tomorrow I want to install the giant whiteboard.  I will either need to harrass the husband to help OR learn how to use the power saw by myself.  Hey, I’m not afraid of power tools, in fact I quite enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that using them gives me but contrary to popular belief, I’m no idiot!  I know that some things should be taught, rather than learned by trial and error.  Especially if error means losing a digit or two.

If anybody reading this blog lives near me and has tomorrow afternoon free, come on over and show me how to cut this stuff to fit my wall.  It’s big.  It’s beautiful.  It’s the biggest sheet of paper I’ve ever had.

There truly is nothing more appealing (and daunting) to a writer than a blank page.  Although most writing is done on the computer these days, I’m old enough to remember writing long hand and the thrill I got from opening a fresh package of paper or a new journal.  The heart throbs with possibilities and promise.

Another creation that I am just beginning is my CCC.  (No, not the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but good guess!  lol) The CCC is  (drum roll please, with cymbal crash)

The Cincinnatti Championship Collage!

It’s what some call a vision board but I’ve been doing collage since I was 12 and that’s what I call it.  I’ve made collages for family and friends in the past…mostly for people I know well because the details make the difference there, but the last collage I made for myself was about 9.5 years ago, not long after my spiritual shakeup.  Yeah,  I guess it’s time for a new vision, isn’t it?  I am really excited about the things I’m going to find in the next little while.  This process has always been so enjoyable for me and it’s been far too long!

Moving on, I had a Toastmasters meeting tonight and everyone forgot to show up.  We were a grand total of SIX.  We’re doing some serious adjusting this year and it has been challenging.  The core, the awesome core, is doing most of the work; you know how it is, it’s like that everywhere really, and we’re getting a little burnt out.  How long can you ask a few volunteers to shoulder the entire load?  What if some of them aren’t having all that much fun anymore?

I know I’ve been pretty occupied with contests but I have not neglected my role as club President.  I take it pretty seriously and I want to help steer this club in the right direction.  I want folks to really take advantage of what we have here.  But I can’t do it all.  I don’t even WANT to do it all.  And I won’t.  I’ve seen what happens when someone tries to do everything.  All I can do is show up, encourage, throw out ideas and of course threaten violence.

We’ve advertised, we’ve done flyers, posters, word of mouth, Facebook, you name it.  Trial and error.  Some work, some don’t.  I suggested to our Area Governor that we have a Coast-wide screening of “Speak” the documentary movie about Toastmasters early next year.

All three clubs have decided to work together on it and share costs and manpower .   Awesome.   We’ve decided to work together more in general which I think is about bloody time.   We will all benefit from it.  It will increase camraderie across the coast instead of this big divide of us and them.


I had a really great chat with one of the members tonight after the ‘meeting’.  This particular member is a 3 year vet of TM but is not able to come as regularly because of work.  I poured it all out on him tonight and he was surprised to hear what was going on.  He was concerned, which was a relief for me.   And he is ready to do something about it too which is another relief for me.

I hesitate to tell folks because really, it’s another burden for them, but friends are supposed to help shoulder burdens as well as joy, right?  What’s that saying?  when you share a burden with a friend, it is cut in half and when you share joy with a friend, it multiplies.

Anyway friends, our club needs to shit or get off the pot so to speak.   We all would appreciate prayers and energy sent our way so that our awesome little club becomes more fun for people again, more challenging and more satisfying.  Many thanks.  Trial and error, eh?