I got the whiteboard cut.  Or rather, Lloyd did.  It’s still sitting in giant pieces in my bedroom, uninstalled.  I have been doing crazy things like life.  I don’t feel guilty that I am not watching all the old World Champ DVDs or anything Toastmaster related.  I have to make sure Meg’s home schooling needs are being served.  I need to take the next few weeks to make sure that’s happening.

We have a new reality around here and it’s one we’d better get used to.  There is, all of a sudden, thanks to our new home, $250 more in expenses every month and no new money to match that.  It’s also our slowest landscaping time.  So we need to make some adjustments.

One adjustment that I have made that was sad but necessary was to bow out of my Advanced Toastmasters Humorous Club.  It only meets once a month but I really enjoyed the people in the club immensely and it really widened my TM horizons.  I had to be honest about whether it was worth it for me to continue though.  The entire day it took to get to Vancouver and back, the parking, the gas, the food, the sitter costs, etc.  Too much of a luxury and not enough of a benefit.  I’d benefit more by joining the second local club here, which you never know, might happen in the spring when the money makes an appearance again and I go into wacko contest mode again.

Oddly, to immediately counter this, I have been asked by my church to be a Lector,  a a reader of Scripture.  It will be approximately once a month.  Funny eh?  Except I don’t have to travel for 4.5 hours to get there.  And it’s slightly more nerve wracking.  Which is good.

I have no TM meeting again until Nov. 7 since we are taking Hallow’een off because of our trick or treaters.  Nice to have a breather.

Next weekend is the Toastmasters Fall Conference.  First one I’ve been to in over a year where I’m not competing.  It will be odd to just be able to enjoy it.  Hmmm.  this sounds a lot like down time, doesn’t it?