Cincinnatti (Photo credit: .matter.)

There are still 300 days to go until Cincinnatti.  I am wondering what my best strategy is now.  Do I begin The Big Speech?  Do I take some study and reading time first?

I honestly don’t feel like NOW is the time to begin writing that speech.  My process in life needs time to digest things and I am in a place I’ve never really been before.  I need some more time to BE before I BEgin.  I met someone at the last contest who is seriously shooting for the World’s too.  He had taken all the winning speeches and as many District winners as he could find and dissected them into 15 second increments.  So yeah, other people are already working on this stuff.  No pressure girl.

I did put the whiteboard up….all by myself.  It wasn’t that hard actually but it has changed the feel of my bedroom from romantic to official.  Bloody hell.  I should put some gauze curtains over it for when I want the official gone.  I still need some more time to decompress.