80 days blogging!  Man that went fast.

Listened to the first 2 cd’s of Darren’s Create Your Keynote By Next Week.  He says to listen to the whole thing first before you do the exercises.  The exercises dig pretty deep.  Grateful for some reflection time.  I ponder how I seem to have so few memories in my life.  Once in a while though, a new one pops up with the right question, or with some silence and time for reflection.  So it will be helpful, I think, to hear those questions more than once.

In the meantime…..

Tonight I began to put the CCC together (The Cincinnatti Championship Collage).


I love this process so much!  It makes me reeeeeally think about what I want to say and see.  I love how it falls together of it’s own accord.  I love falling into the zone that is the meditative creative process.  I am happy.