You know how it is when you finally see something that’s been in front of you forever?   I mean really SEE it for the first time?

It takes a while to adjust your vision, or rather, it takes a while to get used to the awareness of your vision existing.  And you need to take appropriate time to truly appreciate the magnificence of seeing what you see for the first time.  It is a rare gift.  It should be savored.  It should be something for which we give profound thanks.

Today I give profound thanks for a friend who took the time to help me see what was there.  For a friend who gave me the gift of clarity.

I am learning.  I am becoming.

These are powerful phrases.

I am learning to become more disciplined.

I am learning to develop a gentle spirit.

These were my two main goals…there were two others, but they were just facets of these two main ones.

Micaela asked me a series of questions that made me think about my goal of winning the World Championship of Public Speaking in ways I hadn’t even considered.    I considered the why’s on a much deeper level than I have before.

I considered how it would make me feel about myself, about how others would feel about me, about how I would feel towards life and God.

I considered what I would believe about myself if I won.  What others would believe about me and what I would believe about life and God.  This might have been the most eye opening part of the exercise.

I also considered what the expression of my talent would be to me, what the development of my skills to this level would be to me and finally and most difficult, what meaning it would have for me.  What would winning the World Championship of Public Speaking MEAN to me?

My answers to that were:

1.  It would mean that I can do the hard stuff.

2. It would mean that my voice matters.

It’s funny, one of my favourite quotes is from a band that nobody has ever heard of called Showbread.  Here it is:

I am just a Voice of One who’s greater than this,

But I am still a sacred voice; I will not be dismissed.

Being heard matters.  Being listened to matters.  It’s what JAWS the Speech was all about.

We talked about prayer, directed prayer, meaningful prayer.  Friends.  Real friends and real people.

A goal is a reason to move forward.  All that really matters is the moving forward.  Goals give us an action plan.  Everything we want to be we already are.  Do I believe that?

I am learning to believe it.

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