Yesterday I spent a couple hours mentoring a not-really-so-new-anymore Toastmaster.  This lady spends her life on the edge, her health so precarious she never knows what is going to happen next.  She probably lives in the moment better than anyone I know right now.

She is exciting to work with as a mentee because she has exciting goals.  She wants to go public with her health issues to help others avoid the same traps she fell into and she wants to help people live their most fulfilling lives.

She is a fascinating combination of insecure fear, bold knowledge and self-deprecating humour.  A gifted writer, she has also learned very quickly how to engage people in public speaking.  She is wickedly funny and in turn, inspiring.  I think we are becoming friends too.  It’s pretty awesome.

We managed to edit a minute and a half from her next speech.  Editing is the BOMB.  I never realized how brutal and how beneficial it really could be until this year.  It really makes you think about WHAT your message is.

I have actually considered asking her to help coach me to the World’s this year because the idea keeps popping into my head.  I like her style, her honesty, and her company.  I know she is new but Ryan Avery’s wife coached him to the 2012 Championship and she wasn’t even a Toastmaster!  So ya never know.

It’s an idea that’s resonating with me but still needs more contemplative prayer.  It’s a pretty heavy duty commitment to ask for.  She’s already got a significant other.  She may not WANT another.