I haven`t posted for four days (sorry!), I’ve been going all week and I mostly can’t even remember what I’ve done!  I DID finish the CCC this week, the Cincinnatti Championship Collage and I will post a picture of that when I get home tonight.  It was very interesting what crystallized as important goals for me for the next year.  I’ll elaborate on this tonight.

Last night was a really great Toastmasters experience.  We had our regular meeting with another club in another town and we watched the top 3 speeches from the World Championships this year.  Great setting, lots of goodies to munch on, good company and good fun.  We had some discussion afterwards and a few of us were asked about the process we went through as we created our speeches.

I mentioned that the speech that has had the most public success for me, Mad Maureen and the Monarch of Mercy, was inspirationally received and I never started out the process thinking about going to District finals (at least I don`t remember that).  I was just excited to tell what I thought was a really good true story, the story of how my little sister saved me from getting my ass kicked by the neighbourhood bully.

It was more difficult the NEXT time because there were now expectations that weren`t there before.  Expectations from others, and from myself.  I used an old speech that time, one I resurrected from 2 years prior.  I made it essentially a new speech, only the core was the same but I had to be careful not to be too formulaic.

It`s a hard line to walk.  Judges have certain expectations, but if you keep feeding people the same stuff, you have to wonder if there`s any nutritional value in it whatsoever.  It was also interesting to see that our group picked the man who came in second as the winner!  You see, you just never know what`s gonna happen.

I just started praying today for God to give me the message or story that He wants me to tell.  I don`t feel like I`m in a hurry and I will wait and go with my original plan which is to wait until December break to begin work on The Big Speech.  I am also ready to begin the actual WORK on LaCroix`s `Create Your Keynote` project.  Chances are, The Big Speech may come out of this process.

There is a woman in my club who handed my butt to me on a platter at the Area Humorous contest and she is serious about competing this spring.  She is my biggest competition at both Club and Area levels.  She is going to grow a lot this winter as she did this fall and I cannot discount her for a moment.  She is also someone I consider to be a friend and I truly love and respect her.  She and I will make each other better speakers.  We already have.  It`s such an interesting dynamic!

I also started re-rehearsing JAWS last night since I will be giving it next weekend at a fundraiser.  I want to be ON it and have fun giving it.  Promise I will tape it and post it for y`all to watch.