The Cincinnatti Championship Collage is complete!  And it will be on display in my bedroom for a limited engagement- 9 months and 1 day to be exact.  Interesting gestation period for this baby, wouldn’t you say?  (My daughter, who is my true masterpiece took longer.)

I remember doing my first collage at 13.  It was a funny collage and I even remember the name of it- “Miss Uncoordination”.  She was a combination of fashion model, pig, and arty weirdness and I remember my mother loving it.  My art teacher loved it too.  In fact, the whole 8th grade class thought it was hilarious.

I have loved doing collages at various points in my life and they have usually marked important times in my life.  I made one for both of my siblings’ weddings and I consider it an honour that they both display them on their walls.  A lot of time, love, effort and care goes into them.  The last collage I did was for my husband- it was a wedding gift for us and it is one of my favourites.

The last one I did for myself was almost 10 years ago and it followed my faith transformation.  It was the first, frightening, but liberating time when I handed life over to God, instead of considering myself to be God. It was one of the rare times that I submitted myself to humility instead of falling face first into it.  It was the first time I asked for forgiveness.

Yeah, I was that kind of person.  Still am frequently.  Ongoing battle.

In my opinion, that’s a very long time to go without making a self-representational piece of art.  These kinds of things help you define yourself and what is important to you.  They make you think and feel.  It only made sense that this time, this goal, these reasons for my goal, deserved focus, deserved meditation, deserved time for reflection.  They deserved to be fleshed out in one form so that they may be fleshed out in another.

So here is my newest baby.

the Mona Lisa of my bedroom

what I think and feel about being the World Champion of Public Speaking 2013