Successful speech tonight.  Storytelling manual, speech # 3- the Moral of the Story.  I forgot to tape it as I had to bring Meaghan with me to the meeting and I lose a lot of brain functions while in mom mode.  (and Meg recited 2 poems tonight at the meeting- I was so proud of her.  She didn’t forget a thing.  :))

I was a little worried about my performance because I have just been SO tired these last few days.  I even had a nap this afternoon- unheard of.  I was actually worried about my lack of enthusiasm for this speech.  As soon as I got up there though, the adrenaline kicked in and it was fun again.  I’m glad to have gotten in out of the way though and I’m ready to give all my attention to The Big Speech.

It’s funny, I came across a letter I wrote to someone 14 years ago.  It was such an important letter to me that I photocopied it before sending it.  IN THAT LETTER I actually talk about how I want to make communicating a focus of my life.  I even asked “what would I like to communicate about?  Well Love, of course.  What else is there?”

Could I have a more direct answer and from a person I know so very well?

And lastly, and most importantly, my daughter Meaghan is still suffering, and I mean suffering with symptoms that are still undiagnosed.  I have spent countless hours on the internet searching, I have tried so many remedies, I have spent a fortune that we no longer have on homeopathic treatments, I just feel like I have failed my daughter so tremendously.  She broke down in tears tonight as we drove to the meeting because she was so frustrated at the constancy of her symptoms.  She is up late because of them, her days are completely affected.  I just spent half an hour in bed with her, stroking her back, just trying to help her get to sleep at TEN o’CLOCK!!!  I have to take her back to the doctor although I don’t know what possible good it would do, she’s been 4 times already and been tested and tested with negative results.  I am begging you all for your prayers.