Yesterday was a difficult, hormone-ridden, emotionally draining day.   And that’s just for me.  It wasn’t much fun for Meaghan either.  Lloyd was smart and went out to the shed to work on his knife after he got home.  I need to start seriously considering staying in my room for bad PMS days and just letting Meg watch TV.  I felt like there was an alien inhabiting my body yesterday.  What evolutionary purpose does this serve, I wonder?  What purpose in God’s plan has room for maniacal mothers?

I feel one hundred percent better today and ready to continue with work on TBS (The Big Speech) after home school catch up.

I am in 2002 in my journals now.  Almost done that lonnng walk down Memory Lane with a few time-consuming detours down Subconscious Canyon and Flashback Falls.  Who knew this was going to be such an encompassing trip?  I guess I did.  I’m ready to be done and get on with the now.