Five days into the new year- still prayin’, still makin’ my bedtime.  I feel so optimistic.

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I was in bed last night at 11:30 and I slept until ELEVEN O’CLOCK in the morning.  How insane is that?  Last time I did that I was nursin’ hangovers.  Obviously I needed it.

So, I have FINISHED the reading of the journals and began transcribing last night.  It looks as though I have about 300+ transcriptions but luckily I can type fairly quick and I can understand my own terribly typed misspelled work.

‘Twas an epic journey folks, let me tell you.  Loooots of perspective gained.  No matter what happens, this was really good for me on a personal level.  Over 20 years worth of writing there. I realized along the way that my story is worth telling and that I really want to put that book together.  I was a writer long before I was a speaker.  After the whole contest season, I think that will be my next project.

The next 5 weeks will be a little hectic.  I am assisting our Toastmasters V.P. of Public Relations with a Youth Leadership Program and I am also facilitating a Junior Youth Leadership Program.  Also helping my daughter write her first speech!  AWWWW!!!!Hoping to have some fun while teaching kids confidence in speaking.

I’m also continuing with the home schooling. Starting back on Monday with a whole new math program that Meaghan is so excited about, she asked if we can START the day with math.  (from a person who repeated grade 9 math 3 times, I am THRILLED to hear her say this.)  Yes, I got a little panicky there and kind of down on everything but I have decided to stick out the year and see what happens after that.  I am not opposed to sending her to school in September, but sticking to my prayer and bedtime routine can make all the difference in everything.  It already is.  It’s kind of hard getting to sleep at first but I sure do like being up earlier in the day.  It just feels like bonus time.

By the way, Meaghan has had NO symptoms for 2 of the past 3 days.  Can I tell you HOW happy this makes me?  Impossible.  I am so grateful for the help and prayers we received though.  Many from people who read this blog!!!!  Thank you!!!

Tomorrow I am reading the Scriptures in my church for the first time.  Not worried about reading, concerned that I will drop all the hosts, or forget WHEN the prayers of the people are supposed to be said or something like that.  It’ll give ’em somethin’ to talk about eh?

Right.  I’ve got work to do.  See y’all soon.