About 2/3 finished journal transcriptions for The Big Speech.   Much less interesting listening to my thoughts about my thoughts than reading my writing.  Also lost a few dozen due to poor recording quality.  #$%@!!!!!  <—-   That’s a swear.

I only swore once today.  Seriously.  In FACT, I dropped something earlier today and make a big mess and looked down at it, held my breath for a second and said ‘ Uhhhrrgghghghgh…..Darn it!!!”  and Meaghan came over said “Good mom!  Good for you!”   LOL  Sad and funny at the same time.

So the no-swearing thing is going well.

So is the 11:30 betime and starting and finishing the day with prayers.  It’s only been a week so really it’s nothing to brag about but I have to say I still feel buoyed.  Sleeping has been an issue though.  It’s been a challenge for me to get to sleep even when I’m very very tired.

I gotta go,  I have to be in bed in 25 minutes.