Wow, can I tell you about how much FUN I had today????

I didn’t START the day that way, in fact, my morning prayer was interrupted by my husband, closed door and all after about a minute.   This was after a bad start to the day where my daughter ignored her instructions to get ready for homeschool group and proceeded to watch “Arthur” instead.  This put us behind half an hour while I scurried around making sure I had her lunch, my lunch, my purse, my Toastmasters bag, the box with the Youth Leadership books in it, the math manipulatives that I had to return, COFFEE to get me through the day, and gloves, hats and umbrellas on this torrentially non-stop raining day.

Told Meg to get in the car and I get out there to find that she is NOT in the car, in fact, she has LOCKED all the doors with the keys INSIDE the car and is about to shut the LAST door when she sees me and knows she is in big doo doo.

So I broke my prayer and no swearing rule today.

BAD BAD CUSS WORD!!!!  LOL!  (that’s a little suggestion from my southern fried TM friend :))

So yeah, I get to homeschool group an hour later after doing a half-assed (ass isn’t a swear, it’s in the bible) rosary in the car to make up for the yelling.  I get there, go to set up the building for the Toastmasters junior youth leadership program that I’m doing for 16 kids, find out IT’S LOCKED!  fly back to other building, get keys, come back, set up tables, chairs, books, agendas, name plates, crappy foldy music stand as lectern (all in high heels!!!!-take THAT Clark Kent) kids arrive (late!  thank God that nobody on the Sunshine Coast owns a CLOCK).  BREATHE.


And this is where it got FUN.  (It was pretty fun writing that ^^ mind you.  lol)

British Columbia’s Youth Leadership coordinator is Fred Jones and he has done a total of THREE JUNIOR Youth Leadership Programs.  It is a pilot project worldwide as far as I know, started by him.  It’s kind of cool to be a part of a pioneer project.  So Fred warned me that it might take younger kids a while to warm up to speaking and to be prepared for it.

So I wasn’t prepared for the barrage of volunteers who wanted to SPEAK!  I even had a kid volunteer to be the TOASTMASTER within 10 minutes!  I CAN’T EVEN GET THE PEOPLE IN MY CLUB TO BE THE FLIPPIN TOASTMASTER.      lol   (just kidding.  kind of.)

These kids were so enthusiastic and so much fun and I just had a blast with them.  they gave me so much energy and they were amazingly cool and I am ever so grateful to them and can’t wait to do it again next week.  I had parents EMAIL me tonight thanking me because their kids had so much fun.   HOW COOL IS THAT?

We had an afternoon class too with the 8 older kids but I’m not facilitating that one, I’m just assisting my VP PR and that class went really well too.  Not as wildly fun, but different kids, older, a little more self conscious as they hit their teens.  Get this though- one kid was asked what his favourite number and colour were and he said his favourite number was an invisible unit and his favourite colour was infared.  lol  Gotta love home schooled kids.

My Meaghan is giving the very FIRST speech next week.  My super brave girl.  She’s the only very young one.  Everyone else is 8 and up and she’s only 6 but she can’t wait.  I’ll be helping her with it and I have to make sure it’s just help.  I want it to be HER work and I know she does too.

On the way home in the car Meg said “I think it’s so cool that you’re our teacher mom.”

HAPPY CRY!!!  lol

So, I’ve gotten next week’s agenda finished, the lists for the Ah counters, the Word Master and the Toastmaster’s instructions.

Now for work on MY speech.  I have an hour till Pumpkin Time.  Adieu.  ❤