I’m DONE.  I’ve finished transcribing the hundreds of notes I took while reading through 20+ years of journals.   I have 22 pages to distill and make enough moonshine that will induce giddiness, laughter and convince people that I have a message worth listening to.    The real work begins now.

Today I helped my daugher practice her first speech which is due on Tuesday for her home school group. The speech she wrote (with mum’s hands) has words in it that she can’t even read yet so she not only has to learn the speech but make sure she can remember how to read those new words.  Meaghan is a dramatic little ham so it was fun watching her perform today.  Funny thing is, she’s seen enough speeches to know what’s good and what’s not.  She practiced at least 12-14 times today and we even recorded her 3 times.  She watched her first one and looked at me and said “That was TERRIBLE mum.”  She noted on her own when something was too over the top, when she was moving around unnecessarily, being distracting, when she was speaking too quietly.

I am so excited for her and I hope she performs to her satisfaction.  I asked her permission to record and youtube her so you guys can see.   She asked if she could be the World Champion of Public Speaking too one day and I told her “not till you’re 18 so you’ve got 11 and a half years to practice.”  If anyone could do it, she could.

Anyway, watching her do this today made me ACHE for the same process which I miss very much.  I’m eager to get writing.  I have something in my mind already which I’m already half in love with and I know I will be able to use no matter what- I even have  kickass TITLE for it where the speech is described in IN THE TITLE (snoopy dance!) so it’s making ME a little giddy therefore I need to be discerning here to make sure I’m giving the message that God wants me to give.

I have to say that life is going pretty freaking amazing these days what with sleeping enough, meditative prayer every day and hardly any swearing.  I feel positively inspired.

I have to tell you though- I was bad today.  On purpose.  When Meg was first practising her speech, she said it TWICE and said “That’s enough, I’ll do more later.”

“What?  I thought you wanted to be GOOD at this?”

” I do but I want to go play Barbies.”

“Barbies?!  Meg!  If you want to be good at something, you have to work HARD!  Saying a speech twice is not working hard!  And if you want to be the best, you have to work the hardest!  You can only be a badass if you work hard!”

And she laughed.

“Be a badass Meaghan!  Come on, don’t give up, you’re just starting!  I’ll tell you what.  You show me you’re a badass and I’ll let you SAY it- ‘I’m a badass.'”

She laughed even harder.

“ok?  You wanna be a badass?”


“Alright, let’s GO!”

So like I said, she practiced at least 10 more times and I told her she was a badass and she said she was too.  Then she started calling herself a bad bass, which I told her was a misbehaving fish and she laughed until she fell on the floor.  I love my girl.  What a badass.