Isn’t that a great title?  It makes me hungry just thinking about it.  What does it have to do with today’s post?  Absolutely nothing!  but you’re here aren’t you?

chocolate happy

And now that you’re here, I’ll let you know what developments are taking place because we are HALF WAY THROUGH JANUARY PAULA.

God has miraculously and very coolly furnished me with a new friend and accountability partner.  Just out of the blue, this lady who lives around here and whom I like very much as she has such a good sense of humour, positive attitude and great hair to boot asked if I wanted to get together sometime and I thought, yes, I’d like that very much.  Now in normal busy every day life that usually means that yes, we like each other and maybe we should do something about it but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.  Well, not this time folks.

She called, we got together for coffee and we walked into a conversation like we’d been doing it since we graduated pre-school.  And not just fluffy ‘how’s the weather, what kind of stuff do you have in your house’ conversation.  Meaningful deep conversation that was fun and enriching.

It felt bigger than both of us.

So we have taken steps to become accountability partners which will cement time between us too so that our friendship can develop.  I am very grateful.  Because my daughter isn’t part of the school scene, I am not really a part of the tight circle of families around here.  Don’t get me wrong- the people here are lovely and friendly- I just don’t have extended time with any of them for a friendship to develop.  I have in the past but it seems there is too little time and too little commonality to draw us together anymore.  Not complaining, just calling a spade a spade.  Glad this is changing.  🙂

Another development:

MY DAUGHTER IS GOING AWAY FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND!!!!!!  (Hallelujah dance!!!!!!!)  Woo hooo!!!!!!   YEAH BABY!!!

Ok, y’all know I love my kid but you know when the last time I had my house to myself for a weekend was?  The last time was when I could balance a near-beer bottle on my big fat pregnant belly SEVEN YEARS AGO.

so do you know what this means?  TIME TO WORK ON THE BIG SPEECH!!!!  yay!!!!!!  and helping Meg with her speech for the past few days has me chompin’ at the bit.

ALSO.  Another gift from God will be beginning soon via my incredible Texas Toastmaster, Micaela Pennell.  She will be embarking with me on a 100 day spiritual and practical journey to explore the depths of Paula Howley and help me scrape the dregs out of there so we can fill her up with happiness and sunshine!!!!  LOL

And as if THAT weren’t enough, I have discovered the financial wizard of my dreams.

Mr. Money Mustache  is brilliant, hilarious, simple, and Canadian.  Did I mention he was brilliant and hilarious?  I have been reading his blog with growing excitment, knowing that Lloyd and I can seriously improve our finances with some practical changes that will only help everyone.  I am all over this guy.  He, like my daughter, is a badass.

I am also still going to bed on time, praying and not swearing (mostly).  My faith is stronger, I’m having fulfilling fun with the  Toastmasters Youth leadership kids and I’m getting ready to MC an event for the World Champ of Public Speaking, Ryan Avery.

Oh yeah!  This is also my 100th post of chocolately goodness!!!

Life if so amazingly excellent I can’t stand it.  I think I’m going to go have sex with my husband just to make it better.  Good night!