Yes, I did.  I got Rich today!

I actually hired Rich Hopkins as my speech coach.  My husband doesn’t know this yet and is probably reading about it now so let me just say “Honey, this is going to be worth every reasonably priced penny and more.  Hey, do you want some more ice cream?  How about a back rub? ”

Rich has been to the semi-finals 7 times.  He has been to the finals twice and placed 3rd in the world in 2006.  He knows how to put together great speeches.  I have seen a few of them.   I have actually read one of his books, “The Finalists” which is about the 9 finalists who competed at the 2008 World Championships in Calgary.   I am excited to be working regularly with someone who can teach me so much.

World Champions Edge is great; it has tons of archives that I am swimming through and I am glad I joined but a one-shot e-critique is a whole different ballgame from what Rich is offering.  I feel inspired and very very glad that I made this move.  I wouldn’t have before.  Timing is everything.

I was pretty nervous just before he called but I had the vague presence of mind to pray before we spoke.  He was very personable and asked a lot of questions.  I gave him an outline of my speech idea and when I was finished, he asked THE question.

“What’s in it for me?”

And I answered “Well, your price (literally)” and then I laughed my ass off like a fool.

I knew what he was talking about but I couldn’t help myself.  When someone opens a door that wide, you GOTTA walk through it.

He meant “What are you giving the audience?”  This is the question that every speaker worth their salt asks because it’s all about the audience.

So I told him and I felt pretty happy because  I knew what my intent was before I wrote a single word of my speech.

Man I feel good.

Ok, I have to go because I have broken my 11:30 pm bedtime rule by an hour and a half.  Church in less than 8 hours.

Thanking God.