Because they’re better than you and you want to get better.

I sent Rich Hopkins, my new speaking coach the sloppy mess that dared to call itself a speech.  I warned him.

I had also sent him videos of 3 speeches and he sent me some encouraging words:

Some great speeches in those videos. You’ve got real talent, as both a speechwriter and a performer. You’re bold and brash, and a nice change of pace to the average speaker.

 I can see some opportunity for you to add some subtlety to balance you out a bit, and whittle down some of your phrasing in favor of greater simplicity.


Yeah, that’s not a word anyone has EVER used to describe me so that’s something we need to work on.

And as far as “The Speech” goes?  Well, lets just say there was a LOT going on there.

He asked me a few questions about the speech that made me think.  They made me think for days actually and when I wrote him back, I realized that I was giving HIM in my reply  what I should have been giving my speech.  Those few questions helped me to focus.  I think I’m a little bit freaked out.  I desperately do NOT want to suck.

I also spilled my guts to him which is what I do, I spill guts.  I gave him the five cent version of my life just so he would know what he was dealing with.  I had nightmare visions of him emailing me and saying “Hey Paula, here’s your money back….with interest.”

In case you hadn’t noticed, it is WAY past my official self-appointed bedtime of 11:30.  I was writing tonight and I can’t bloody well make myself STOP when I’m writing.  That is just crazy talk.  Going to have to figure something out because that regular bedtime is crucial to me living optimally.  I felt a little off the hook since Meg is not home schooling tomorrow- she has a gymnastics camp in the morning so I will have the ENTIRE morning off to complete my DIVA U coaching exercise.  Some heavy duty hard core, scary painful listing and searching of life events.  Weed and feed, that’s what we’re gonna do.  Weed and feed.  Take out the weeds and plant the seeds.

Pale Yellow Platter - A Weed Macro

I am really blessed.  🙂

Quick report on the YOuth Leadership Program final presentations:

The kids totally rocked the house.  They were tremendous.  Especially my amazing daughter.  No bias of course.  I almost cried a couple of times and the parents were jubilant as I knew they’d be.  Apparently there was a school board guy there who was pretty impressed and was talking about bringing the program into the schools.

A bunch of us Sunshine Toastmasters also went to city hall Wednesday night for the Toastmasters Month Proclamation.  Funny thing though, the deputy mayor read the proclamation out loud but didn’t actually present us WITH anything which I thought quite odd.  They also didn’t ask us for a word or anything!  Then they just moved on to the next thing on the agenda.  We all looked at each other like “What do we do now?”

So I waited for the next break in conversation and asked (to the deputy mayor’s obvious surprise) if I could say a few words.  I hadn’t really planned anything but I have to say that it may have been my best impromtu speech EVAH.  Not a single um or ah and I felt all the support of my amazing team.  We then followed up with an excellent executive meeting where we hammered out some important stuff and then we skipped over to the Art Gallery where one of our members was having a show!

Deep breath.

Life is very very good.

Must sleep.