I had 3 rare hours to myself this morning.  Went down to the waterfront to do my first 100 Day Diva U Life Coaching exercise.

1.  Name 10-15 things that you are doing right that you want to continue.

I came up with 11 but it wasn’t easy.  Have you ever thought about that?  What you’re doing right in your life and want to continue to do?  It’s an odd thing to think about.  And a good one,

2.  Name 5-10 things that need to happen in my life.

I came up with 8.

3.  List 30-50 of your most painful memories.

What a party, eh?

I came up with 32 but I didn’t feel finished so I went for a walk along the water to clear my head with sea air.  (I saw a friend whom I like very much but rarely get to see and he invited me over for coffee and we talked philosophy for an hour and a half.  Who the hell ever gets to talk philosophy?  I think this is my only friend I do that with and I do most of the listening.)

Anyway, I have to say I was apprehensive about doing this exercise and I kind of expected to get all sobby but what really happened was that I got angry.  Guess I shouldn’t be all THAT surprised.

And it’s funny, that’s what my friend and I discussed a lot- anger.  His sister is a raving pissed off feminist like I used to be.  Every single conversation would eventually be derailed into how women are oppressed and how much men suck and how angry I was about just about everything.  Seething, simmering, always just under the surface ready to explode ANGER.

Angry Talk (Comic Style)

My friend suggested I pray the rosary and he’s not even Catholic.  Didn’t I talk about that a few weeks back and then do exactly nothing about it?  I don’t know.  It seems too simplistic.  Not that that’s bad.  It just seems unlikely to me.  But then, what do I know?  Bottom line is I dislike praying the rosary because it takes so long.  There.  I said it.  Bad Catholic!  lol

Micaela and I get started- really started on Monday.

My speech coach Rich Hopkins got back to me today after my EPIC reply to him.  I was afraid to open the email.  Yes I was!  But I did.  He thanked me for my “comprehensive reply” which he said he meant in a good way.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

He saw keynote which is what my plan was for after this speech season.  A book and keynote together.  Hear that God?  I’m making a plan!  (Can you hear the laughter? )  Rich had this to say:  (You have) “real world wisdom mixed with the showiness and audacity that your past is filled with, which still inhabits your currrent stage persona.”  He sent me an awesome video of a woman he said reminded him of me.  I felt really encouraged by both her message and her delivery.   Apparently there ARE places for people like me.


There is a lot of material in my speech.  Too much.  It’s wonderful being a conventional writer- loving words and descriptions so much, setting scenes, tones, indulging.  Speech writing is a completely different animal and one I have much less experience with.  I enjoy it too- it’s a challenge and it’s exciting figuring out how to say the same thing with less words.  How to paint a story in a different way.  We’re going to talk on Sunday and see what we can do.

In the meantime, I have toyed with a different direction- focusing on only ONE story instead of 2.  Not sure what to do but I’m going to let my subconscious deal with it for a few days and see what my brain comes up with.

Did I mention I’m going to TED-x in Powell River and the star (Dr. Evan Adams) of one of my favourite films of all time “Smoke Signals” will be there?  I didn’t even know that when I got my ticket.  Blessings just keep raining down on my head.

Cover of "Smoke Signals"

Cover of Smoke Signals