I’m absolutely and utterly exhausted.  It’s partly because of 2 late nights and early mornings in a row but it’s partly because of my hard core x-ray coaching session with Rich Hopkins.   He is very good at his job.  He asked questions that pulled answers out of me that I didn’t even know I had.  It was intense and even a little scary as we danced around some places that hurt and even stepped a foot inside a few times.   It moved my soul and blew my mind.  At the same time, he was easy to talk to, funny and incredibly insightful.  I feel totally in sync with him.  I feel like he GETS me.  I feel like we are skiing on the same page.  Whatever that means.

We are wiping the speech slate clean and starting from scratch.  Is that a little daunting?  Only when I think about it!!!  So I need to think again about the other lessons that I would like my daughter most to learn.  That is a hard one because there are many things I want her to know.  I’m gonna sleep on this one and pray for God to pull the right thing out of my brain.

Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind at how incredibly deliberate God is in how He heals us.  Tomorrow I have my life coaching session with Micaela Pennell, another incredibly insightful, funny and gifted person.  I almost feel like I was prepped for it tonight with Rich.  I welcome it.  Life lessons learned in scary, funny exhilarating adventures.  How blessed, how fortunate I am that God gifted me with honesty and a measure of courage so I can overcome my own CRAP.  I feel so so SO terrifically sorry for people who don`t dare to walk into their dreams.