What an amazing life session with Micaela Pennell today.  I’m wiped out but I feel calm and happy.  I’m ready to move on.

I wrote this over 10 years ago when I hoped even in darkness.  I live and move in the light now and see that it is not only possible but probable.  I thank God for my life!

In the fairy tale, Rapunzel  heals the prince’s blindness with her own tears.  In that same spirit, I shall pour out my own waters of love on land, as ACTION in the WORLD, back into the water to ripple the unconscious.  This speaks of HOPE OPTIMISM AND BRIGHT PROSPECTS.  I hope to  bring calm and confidence in the future, in other words, RELEASE and NEW LIFE  so others can free themselves too.

I’ve always loved archetypes.  This one has resonated soundly with me.

I promise to share my love, hope, talents, truth, belief.  Giving back in order to receive, in order to give some more.  I am becoming more me.  I am finding the authentic me and I am thrilled about walking into her.  It is such an incredible puzzle and to watch the pieces come together is absolutely fascinating!!!

It is all so much bigger than me.