I’ve decided to take March Break early.  Instead of taking 3 weeks in March off from home schooling, we’re taking next week off and then 2 in March.  Why?  So I can work on my speech, of course!  DUH!  What else IS there?

I worked with Rich again this week- Thursday afternoon to be precise and it’s frustrating to watch him pick things up in seconds that I could not see at all after looking at it for HOURS.   When will I be able to see things like that?  I know some of it is outside perspective but damn…..

And here I thought I was pretty much done.  Oh you silly little girl you.  I couldn’t figure out what else could be done with it and I thought it was pretty good too!  (hangs head in shame) Two or 3 questions and observations later, BOOM.  We are re-structuring the whole thing.  I don’t know how the hell I’m going to do it, but I’ll tell ya, when I figure it out, it’s going to kick ASS.

In the meantime I’ve totally blown my bedtime routine for the past 2 weeks over speech-a-mania.  I refuse to keep blowing it.  It’s too important to my family’s well being and for my well being for me to continue to indulge myself.  Everybody pays when mom doesn’t sleep enough.  Especially at PMS time.  I’m tellin’ ya, it ain’t pretty folks.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in my peace of mind when I get to bed early and have my morning prayer.  Nothing is worth losing that over.

However, I know I need some big chunks of time to sit down and give this Speech what I want to to make it the best I can.

Well DUH!  THIS is why we home school, genius!!!!!!!!!!  For the flexibility!!!!! 

So yeah, last night I made my decision.  My goal is to have FINISHED writing this speech by March 4, two weeks before the club contest so I can drill it into my DNA.   I’m seriously chomping at the bit to start Avery Drilling again- remember Avery Drilling?   That’s saying your speech in as many UNCOMFORTABLE places as possible.  It is scary as hell and addictive.  I highly recommend it.

And speaking of  Averys………….(what a segue!  Someone should give this chick an MC gig!)

Of course today, (now that it’s past midnight) is the Big Avery Event.  Yes, Ryan and Chelsea Avery are in Vancouver RIGHT NOW as we speak!  Ahhh!!!!!   I can’t wait to meet them!  It’s so cool because I almost feel like I already know Chelsea from her blogging.  There are only 3 blogs I read regularly and theirs is one of them.  I came because of the Champ.  I stayed because of the Lady.  She is freakin’ hilarious.  And Ryan’s got a few insights too so you know….   lol

look at these two perfect looking people! Don't they make you absolutely SICK?

look at these two perfect looking people! Don’t they make you absolutely SICK?

They are VERY very cool and I wish more young adults would take a lead like theirs to get a jump on life.

I really want them to have fun in town and get treated like royalty and I hope that we don’t overwork them!  I want them to love Vancouver so much that they come back soon.

I’ve been going over my introductions to make sure I make everyone look as good as possible.  I can’t wait to bring my energy to this awesome event.  This is a BIG DEAL.  I’m totally psyched!!!!!!