I don’t want to jinx myself because I haven’t heard back from my coach yet but it’s feeling pretty good.   Rich coaxed me along on Friday with some great questions to push me across the finish line.

The finish line is the starting line of something else

The finish line is the starting line of something else

I’m sure I’ve got a few lines I can tighten up and make funnier; I’m sure I can edit it some more and I haven’t even BEGUN to work on delivery, but I believe I have the essence of what I am trying to convey.  I believe I have made my point.  I believe that these ridiculous all night writing sessions are over.  For now.

I dug deep for this.  When I say it was painful, I’m not being dramatic.  I went to places I don’t like visiting very much with this speech.  I even went to places that went beyond this speech.

It’s not the deepest I’ve ever dug- no, those particular speeches will probably never grace a Toastmasters stage-that’s stuff I haven’t even touched in this journal- but it’s still deeper than I’ve ever gone before- publicly.   I’ve worked very hard.   I hope it’s enough.