So I thought I had it.  (I’ve said this a few times already, haven’t I?)  I thought I did but Rich gave me an example of a re-structuring that really grabbed me.   I have to figure out how to make it happen in my speech.  I’ve been staring at this speech for 2 nights waiting for it to re-write itself.

Tomorrow I’m giving up something very important to take the entire afternoon off and into the night if need be (with time for Meaghan chess or Lego in there- I haven’t forgotten Star Wars folks).

I need a breakthrough here because I’m feeling very frustrated.  I need my subconscious to come through for me…or I need God to give me one of His Very Awesome Ideas. 

I need something.   I need to finish this puppy because I feel I need a week to internalize it and feel confident about it.  The club contest is in 10 days.

I know it will happen.

Pretty please?