Did my first Avery Drill with the speech today- it was a beautiful day so I took Meg to the park so she could play and I could practice.  Remembering Avery Drilling from the fall contest?  It’s where you go out to a public place and give your speech.  It’s to make you uncomfortable and still have to say the speech.  There are constant distractions, the hardest actually being YOUR OWN BRAIN.

Because your brain keeps jumping in and saying “Hello!  You look like an idiot!  Everyone here thinks you are a lunatic.”  I named it after 2012 World Champ Ryan Avery since that’s where I heard the idea.  He went all over to give his speech too, in the malls, saunas, prison, you name it and the whole idea really excited me because I KNEW it would push me hard out of my comfort zone.  That’s something I need.  I need to be ready for anything.

Hardly anyone at the park on a rare sunny day.  WEIRD.  Anyway, I drilled it about 10 times and felt pretty flustered because that’s the point of Avery Drilling.   I don’t just sit down and say the speech.  I stand up, give it and act the whole thing out.   A few times I used the soccer goal posts as my stage area and I had my black gloves on because although it was sunny, it WAS cold.  Some guy thought I was the goalie and said “Hey, did your team stand you up?”  Other than that, uneventful.  Probably good to start slow.

The club contest is tomorrow and as I’ve said, I am likely our only contestant.  We had another but he forgot he was going to be in San Francisco so unless someone volunteers at the last minute, it’s just me.  Against myself.  I hope I win.  Of course there IS the clock which is everyone’s mortal enemy.  Must stay under 7:30 or all is lost.  I wasn’t at ALL worried about that because when I was drilling outside today I was at 6:46 with lonnnnnnnng pauses.  Wasn’t worried at all until tonight.

Rich and I made more changes yesterday that sliced a good TWENTY beautiful unnecessary seconds off the speech.  Making changes so often lately I’m getting mixed up.  Tonight while I was practicing I totally blanked on my next line twice and I believe it is because I am past the point of exhaustion.  I’m so tired I feel physically like crap.  I am going to sleep now and I will get up when I WAKE UP.

This is it folks.  Here we go.  Wish me luck, or better yet, pray.  🙂