Rosanne Rosanna Danna

With Rosanne Rosanna Danna!  Hey!  I haven’t posted in 6 days!  Too busy!  Lloyd’s birthday was this week AND we had a party!  And THEN, we had people over for dinner another night!  And then, one more night,  I had a televised Toastmasters meeting to participate in an hour away!!!!  AND it’s Holy Week!  And I’m prepping my daughter for her first Holy Communion AND we have an entire YEAR’s worth of catechism to catch up!   Yeah! Whatever! Who’s NOT busy eh???

So, 2 weeks tomorrow till the Area contest and my drilling is going well.  I’m feeling pretty flowy with the speech now – it feels much more organically delivered than a couple weeks ago.  I am having FUN delivering it.  Not EXACTLY where I would like it yet but getting close.  I have also found an ending that I feel is solid, warm, catchy and restates the premise.

I practiced it 12 times today and set up a different camera with my computer so I could easily watch it afterwards every time.  There’s nothing like watching yourself because only YOU know how you want to give the speech and you can really see what to change and what works well. I HIGHLY recommend this technique if you want to improve.  I wish I had used it more frequently from the get-go.

The Area contest is not going to be a cakewalk by any means.  There is a former District finalist up against me as well as 2 other competitors.  I am taking nothing for granted.  My main concern is that I feel comfortable enough so that my priority is connecting with my audience.  I want to tell my story as naturally as I can.  If I am connected to them, I can ask for nothing more.

I had a chance to give the speech to a group of 10 people this week at Lloyd’s birthday party.  It was a great opportunity to have a chance to connect with people while giving the speech.  I’d like more opportunities to do specifically that so I am putting that energy out there.   I might have a chance tomorrow at an Easter gathering.  Next week I’m visiting a Gavel club at a high school in Vancouver and will be doing the speech there too.  Will be Avery Drilling as much as possible too.  Man, this contest feels WAY too far away.