So the speech feels like it’s becoming mine again.  Thank God for that.  The blanking on lines wasn’t much fun folks.   I do have a different feel for it now though and that’s a benefit.  II drilled it 10 times yesterday and recorded it for Rich and company to look at.  This morning Rich gave me a couple of exercises to do to speed it up and to look at it differently.  One exercise was one I’d read on his blog and that was saying the speech as fast as you can.  Hard not to trip over your tongue on that one.  The other, and I’d heard this through Patricia Fripp once, was to sit down and say the speech like you were having a cup of coffee with someone.  THAT one was really beneficial because it really helped me see what needed to emphasized and what was just automatic dramatic.

Tomorrow I’m heading to a TEDx event – totally stoked- my first ever.  Hoping to learn a few things!!!   Hoping to see what I will need to do to give my own TED speech one day.

I am also staying with a friend tonight- the friend is an accomplished Toastmaster so I’m happy to have to opportunity to give the speech to her and the friend who is coming with me.  I will have a few opportunities to give it publicly this week and I’m grateful for that.  One week today until Area.  This week is going to FLY by.