Tomorrow, Saturday, is the big day.  The Area 73 International Speech Contest.  Right now I feel good, happy and confident and not at all freaked out.  I feel eager to share my speech.   Of course the contest is about 36 hours away yet so ask me how I’m feeling ONE hour before the contest.  The aim is to still feel good, happy and confident and not at all freaked out.  To feel excited and honoured that I can give a message that has already made a difference in MY life, to a room full of people.  I can’t wait.

Would it sound cheesy to say I love my speech?   It is the best speech I have written yet.  I have put in a zillion hours, more than a few tears, sleepless nights, and a small fortune considering the investment of programs to improve my speaking from last year.   This speech now feels like a very comfortable piece of clothing that I really love wearing because it looks good on me.   The key now, is to remember to respect my audience by just telling them the story in the most honest and engaging way I can.

Yesterday,  I taped the speech one last time and sent it for a look-over from coach Rich Hopkins.  That brought a few more helpful tweaks that I was able to incorporate and remember on the first go.  VERY EXCITING to be able to do that.

Today, Friday, after I go to bed and get up again, (and after home school, which goes without saying) I plan on drilling 10 more times, Avery-style if possible, going for a hike to get good and tired and then getting a good night’s sleep.  I have a great outfit that I feel confident and pretty in but is not distracting.   And I have a new pair of awesome killer GOLD shoes that are lower heels than what I am used to so they will be ridiculously easy to walk in.  I had been fantasizing about wearing a pair of ruby slippers in Cincinnatti at the World’s.

These are the precursor.Speech Bubble

There is some real competition at this competition.  One competitor has even been to District finals before.  She is an excellent speaker.  She has also had the advantage (?) of having seen my speech at the club level whereas I have not seen hers.  I take nothing for granted but I am truly as ready as I can be.

I want to remember to enjoy the process and be aware of it; to remember my POWER POSE for 2 minutes before I go on so my body physiology is optimal and also to remember to record it!

I want to do my very best, which for me means connecting in a genuine way with my audience and giving them a hard-fought-for, important piece of myself.

And I want to move on to the next level to do it again.   Four more times.