Oh, you thought this post was gonna be about you know what, didn’t you?  Hey!  Minds out of the gutter please.  I’m not that kind of blog.


Have I mentioned that I am my Toastmasters club president and that this has been the toughest year we’ve had since I joined 5 years ago?  We barely made it through this winter.

We used to have this spectacular venue where our local council meets.  Beautiful room.  Good size.   Acoustically perfect.  Room for our lectern, all of our stuff.  Small kitchenette so we could make snacks.  Nice tables, LEATHER CHAIRS.  Yeah.  Politicians met there.  It was called the “community use room”.  So you’d figure that, you know, the COMMUNITY could use the room.  Especially an organization like ours that serves the community.  IN the past 3 years, our club and its members are responsible for bringing the Youth Leadership Program to over 300 kids!  Not bad eh?

Anyway, for reasons that were never really made clear to us, they wanted us OUT of the room.  The community use room.  So they kicked us out last year.  %#@*!!!!!

We looked all over for a suitable new place and had a lot of trouble finding a space that could accomodate us.  We found one eventually at a Senior’s Activity Centre but the only available room was so small we were busting out of it.  (Which is a nice problem to have, right folks?)  We couldn’t comfortably or safely  meet in that room anymore and the only option we could embrace was changing the day of the week that we met so we could have a bigger room.  Well.  What a big freakin’ mistake THAT was.  It was like almost immediately folks couldn’t make it anymore even though we had polled people.  It just fell apart.

Anyway, like I said, we barely made it through the winter.  We went to every other week for a while because the few of us who kept coming were doing all the work and were exhausted.  I had really been looking forward to serving as President but it has been much harder than I thought it would be.   We changed our day back to our old day recently and that has brought some old members back which is good.  We are also having more fun again which is awesome.  People are giving speeches more regularly and the good vibe is there again.  I feel confident that we are past the worst of it and that things are looking up again but I ned to tell you that I have put a TON of work into our club this year and we’re not even close to finished.  We’ve decided to have a big public Storytelling event since they are all the rage now.

We have a different room now but this one is not big enough.  Five more members could not be accomodated comfortably.  And I AM expecing members because we have a pretty amazing little club.    We laugh so much and we push each other to be our best.  It’s a damned good combination.  So, I am putting the energy out there NOW for more members and for an amazing space to present itself to us.  You heard it here first folks.  lol   Thanks God.  🙂

Anyway, wasn’t this blog supposed to be about winning a world championship or something like that?   Yes.

The next step is this Saturday in Vancouver.  Division H contest.  Niiiiiiice list of 8 contestants I received today.  I recognized a few names.   One was the name of someone who I had heard from an acquaintance had done “the best speech I had ever heard!”    at the last level.  Ahem.

So I need to stay focused.  Keep practicing but not let it get too stale.  I gave my speech last night at my club and it was good to give and get energy from a live audience.  Taped it tonight and sent it to Rich again.  Just need to remember to connect.  See them and let them see me.  Tell my story.  Just tell my story.

I said this was going to be a quickie didn’t I?   Yeah right.