I finished Zinsser’s how to write a memoir book hopeful and full of ideas.  I believe my first memoir is going to be about a specific time that I was in the industry- more specifically, a couple of years that I worked at a little club called GTR (Grand trunk Railroad) in the border town of Fort Erie, Ontario.  That time is really special for me as it was a time in my life where my spiritual life really began to blossom for the first time.  There are also a  lot of great stories and interesting people about which I’d like to share.

I’ve thought about writing about a few other places I worked at and I may, but I realize that there is a certain danger in doing that.  I recently looked up a couple of the owners of clubs I worked at in the past- more specifically, people who were complete idiots to their employees- me included- some good stories there, too.  One of the owners’ wives was recently killed in an explosion in her home and I’m willing to bet it wasn’t an accident.  These are nasty people with a lot of money and the clubs are only a few of their holdings.  I enjoy being alive too much.  Maybe I’ll save that stuff for “fiction” writing in the future.  lol  Therefore, for now, I’m sticking to GTR which suspiciously burned to the ground a few months after an unsuccessful renovation.

I’ve got the old tape recorder out again, listening this time to tapes from that time.  Bringing back memories that I literally STILL can’t remember!  lol

Movin on, my Toastmasters club recently held a very successful Epic Storytelling Event.  We threw this together very quickly I must say and very well.  We had 15 slated storytellers of all ages and from all backgrounds and man, did we get some great ones.  My favourite was THIS little girl who blew me away:

I missed her first line which was “Have you ever been on a roller coaster?”

Anyway, that’s my little girl Meaghan rocking the house.  The calibre of speaker was very high and everyone asked if we were going to make it an annual thing.  I think we are.  I coached three other kids for this event and I really enjoyed  it.  They were superstars- they  worked  hard on delivering a good story for the people.  I was like a proud mama four times over.  It makes me remember how much I like coaching kids.  Can’t wait for the next Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program!  That will be in the fall with a church youth group.

Speaking of feeling proud, I also finished up my DIVA life coach training with Micaela Pennell this week.  We started on February 8 and let me tell you, this was no walk in the park.

There are a lot of folks out there these days calling themselves “life coaches”  and I have to tell you , I made fun of most of them before this.  Because honestly, I’m willing to bet many of them are unqualified.  But Micaela spent years in school and taking other courses learning what she knows.  On top of it, her devotion to serving God is most important to her so  I felt like I could genuinely trust her with anything and I did.  She knows my deepest darkest folks, and I’m better for it.  What’s so great about this training is it’s not dwelling on the past.  It honours the past , yes, but you learn tools to deal with it and even change the way you relate to it, which changes everything, even your physiology!

I really can’t sing her praises enough.  I feel equipped to tackle anything now.  Between her and Rich Hopkins, I really dug deep this spring and I’m finding out what I’m  made of.  I’m also finding out that I like what I’m made of.

I’ve got one more month of being my Toastmasters club president.  I have to tell you, this was way harder than I thought it was going to be.  I had to deal with a lot of crap this year.  I’d do it again but not for a long time.  I have made my time commitment for next year and I will NOT exceed it.

SO, this last month is tying up loose ends and making sure we are set to go for September when we re-convene at some new digs.  For the summer, we are meeting at each other’s houses and having little parties.  That I can handle.  My term  is up at midnight June 30.  My birthday is July 1.  I remember last year on my birthday I was at a party and I said to someone “Today for my birthday I became my club’s president!”  And you know, I was really happy and I meant it!  This year, my birthday present is I’m NO LONGER my club’s president and I’m really happy and I mean it.  LOL

When the month is up, I begin writing the memoir.

Toastmasters Orange Rhino

he doesn’t look dangerously agressive at all, does he?

Also, beginning JUNE 3, I am participating in the Orange Rhino No Yelling Challenge.  I am going to yell less and love more, particularly with my little girl.  It’s going to be a tough first few days because we are crazily trying to get clients’ lawns done before Lloyd leaves for Nova Scotia on Wednesday.

BUT!  This is something I know I have to do and I know I CAN do.  I am psyched for the challenge and the changes and rewards our family will reap because of it.

I also took a WordPress class this weekend because more blogs are in the future and I wanted to know how to do this properly.  Meaghan and I might be doing a project together too.  That would be pretty amazing.

There’s more too, I’m sure of it but I am a hundred moons passed wiped out and I need to get my ass in bed.  Cutting lawns tomorrow before I head to Toastmasters for our first post-event meeting (expecting several guests!) and my LAST executive meeting.  HOO-RAY!!!!!